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CNR caboose

The little red caboose seen in this article is located at the Stettler Alberta museum and can be viewed by anyone visiting that venue. Once owned by Canadian National Railways, it was originally a boxcar built in 1918, so darn near a century ago, that in the 1950s was converted to its present form. Before the advent of caboose-less operations, in the 1980s, these types of cars were always placed at the tail of a train, and the crew inside was responsible for keeping an eye on things from that end.

Red was often the traditional colour associated with cabooses (cabeese?) although yellow and others were used as well.

The museum where it’s located has countless wonderful displays including the old Stettler train depot (CNR line, the town was also served by the CPR).

Watch that wicked curve on the track beside the caboose. This of course is too sharp for a regular train but works well for speeders, which the rails were put in place for. Presumably these small cars are brought out on busy days and rides given.

This steam locomotive can be found elsewhere in the town…
Alberta Prairies Railway Excursions #41.

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Date of adventure: July, 2014.
Location: Stettler, AB.
The caboose is publicly accessible when the museum is open.

CNR caboose

A little red caboose found at the Stettler AB museum.


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Love the vivid colours in this pic!

Jason Sailer
Jason Sailer

Another great post and writeup Chris!