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CPR GP20C-ECO and GP38-2

Sometimes we just sit and watch trains go by. We have a special spot in town were we do this, that we call our own, along a section of public pathway with some grass to sit upon, that parallels the CPR’s mainline just east of the Alyth Yards. The action is usually good here and the fence low enough to allow one an unobstructed view of the passing trains. Often here for hours on end we relax and read books between trains, and sip on wine.

The day of this visit was rather quiet and the only movements we saw was the passing of the two little red engines (okay, I know they are called locomotives) seen here.

The front unit is a EMD GP20C-ECO #2210. This unit started out as a GMD (General Motors Diesel, London Ontario, now closed) GP9 model, #8491, built in the 1950s. The railway upgraded it to a GP9u in the 1980s, the unit being renumbered to #1566, before being rebuilt, to such a degree that it’s almost an entirely new engine, by Electro-Motive Diesel in the US in late 2012. It’s still got nice shiny paint.

The second engine is a GMD GP38-2, #3060, built in the mid-1980s. It’s pretty much as built and is looking a little ragged.

Both these small locomotives would only be used for switching and local runs. The do yeoman work.

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Date of adventure: August, 2014.
Location: Stettler, AB.
The location seen in this report is publicly accessible (public pathway).

CPR GP20C-ECO and GP38-2

A CPR GP20C-ECO and GP38-2 head towards the Alyth yards Calgary.


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Richard Hart
Richard Hart

I see these two in and around Calgary all the time. They make am almost daily appearance at the foothills industrial park.