Apr 162015
Bre-X Minerals

Once the darling of the mining sector, Bre-X Minerals of Calgary was later the subject of one of the largest stock swindles in Canadian history. Born of obscurity, the company quickly rose to great heights before crashing back down – spectacularly. Millions, no billions of dollars were lost on one of the most brazen frauds ever perpetrated on the general public. The deception from the start was nothing short of obvious, except to those caught up in the excitement, investors, many of which were blinded by greed, who never saw it coming.

We won’t go into great details on how it all came down. Just know that in the 1990s the company blatantly falsified reports and sloppily tampered with drill samples, turning what was actually (mostly) barren ground, in Indonesia, into the greatest gold find of the century. And we fell for it.

The building seen here was the company’s headquarters. Big gold coloured Bre-X signs once adorned every visible wall on the top floor. This author was driving truck back then and by coincidence was stuck in traffic, in front of this very building, the day it all unraveled. The area was a sea of reporters, angry shareholders who just lost it all, looking for answers, and police trying to keep order. It was absolute mayhem and for a minute or two, I had a front row seat.

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Date of adventure: April, 2015.
Location: Calgary, AB.
The location seen in this report is publicly accessible.

Bre-X Minerals

Bre-X Minerals once operated out of this building.


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Dave Burke
Dave Burke

I think I heard something on the radio recently that they’re going to make a movie about Bre-x?

Billy Dunsmore
Billy Dunsmore

Coworkers I knew got caught up in the excitement. Not sure if they lost or won though. Suspect the former.