May 192015
Rowley AB grain elevators

Nothing terribly new here, just some photos of Rowley Alberta’s grain elevators and train station, photographed a million times before, plus the interior of an old farm house. Okay photos I guess they mean something more to the BIGDoer crew and are some of the last captured on the last shoot we ever did with pro photographer extraordinaire John Sharpe. He died a couple months after this trip.

We learned a lot from this cranky fellow over the years and together we’d hit the road often. We even had more adventures planned for 2015. In these we’d simply wander about any old back road for the day or weekend, stopping here and there capturing photos of old buildings and cars or what ever. Non-paying gigs, there was little structure, we just had fun.

A little over the top processing applied to the photos seemed appropriate here, given his similar style of personality.

We’ll miss this.

From an earlier trip…
Abandoned and old part one – with

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Date of adventure: October, 2014.
Location: Carbon and Rowley AB.
The elevators and station are publicly accessible.

Last shoot with Sharpe

One from the last shoot with Sharpe.

Rowley AB grain elevators

We drop by Rowley Alberta to check out their fine grain elevators.

Searle Grain

Look up, look way up.

Rowley AB train station

The very last photo taken on this trip.


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bob henry
bob henry

Looks great in black & white, more personality than in color.

Denise Martin
Denise Martin

I miss him so much. Makes me very sad.

Bob Lawson
Bob Lawson

These shots are fantastic, you can almost feel it, smell it. We all miss John, he sure had character.