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Crowsnest Pass Hilcrest United

Built near a century ago, the Hillcrest United Church (formerly Hillcrest Methodist) in the Crowsnest Pass held its last services in the 1990s and is today privately owned. This fine old building, located a street west of “downtown” Hillcrest, looks fantastic for its age and with Turtle Mountain towering above it’s in a wonderfully picturesque setting.

The building was heavily renovated in the 1980s and at that time, a basement was added.

Hillcrest is a former coal mining town and is home to good number of historic buildings. We have plans to document more of these, and this same church in greater detail, at some point in the future.

The day of our visit we were blessed with amazing Alberta blue skies. Lucky us, this seems to happen a lot for us.

A sad run down church…
Notre Dame de Savoie Church.

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Date of adventure: July, 2015.
Location: Crowsnest Pass, AB.
This site can be viewed from a public road.

Hillcrest United Church Crowsnest Pass

Ex-Hillcrest United Church in the Crowsnest Pass.

Crowsnest Pass Hilcrest United

A lovely century old building.


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Connie Biggart
Connie Biggart

Such a beautiful little building.

Jason Sailer

A picturesque setting!