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1940 Ford pickup

Story and photos by Chris & Connie.

The old vehicles seen below were found in a very remote corner of Alberta and date back a long time, the earliest from the 1920s, the newest, the 1960s. Some are complete or mostly so, but the oldest ones are not. They’re just bit and pieces, frames, some rusty fenders, maybe an engine cowl and that’s about it. All, regardless, are incredibly photogenic.

All of these are located on the same chunk of property overlooking a man made lake. They’re spread over a long distance, many of the oldest examples very near the water, some close to falling in, some already in. Given the sheer number of vehicles here (and other junk scattered about – machinery, farm equipment, etc), it’d be a good guess that this spot was a local dump of some sorts for the general area.

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The first truck seen if Ford. (3/4 ton on the maker’s plate), an early 1940s model. This was a pretty common farm truck from that era. Its beaten up state and signs of many repairs, suggests it worked a hard life from many, many years.

Just down from it is a Dodge D100 pickup. The model seen was in production from 1961 to 1971, but given it has quad headlights, we know it’s a 61-64. Other years had only two.

Further south is the greatest concentration of metal. There are a good number of bare car frames, old wheels, motors, bit and pieces, parts from old combines and the like, most of it pretty much unidentifiable. A surprise find is a metal toy from the 1950s, a model of a Greyhound Scenic Cruiser bus.

Some cars are more complete, but none to any great degree. All are 1920s models save for one or two of the less complete examples that are perhaps a bit older and another, based on the body lines, five to ten years newer. Many wooden spoke wheels are seen, a sure sign of old iron. Most of the vehicles here are well beaten and worn, showing many dents and obvious repairs and modifications over time. Farm life is hard, not only for people, but what they drive too.

Of the relics here, we think one might be a mid-1920s Model T. At least the cowl seems to match up. The others…we’re stumped. Just too little to work with and that’s an excuse I’m sticking with. We’re not experts in any sense and spent hours scouring guides and an endless number of photos online and came up empty. If our readers know more, we’d love to hear from you.

Of particular interest in the group is an old truck teetering on the edge of the lake. It’s ever so close to falling down the bank but somehow seems to be holding on. I doubt it’ll do so much longer.

The lake here, by the way, is a reservoir established in the 1940s. The general area was not settled until the 1910s and 1920s and has never been heavily populated. It’s a tough place to live and farm. Ask any who live here.

Joining us on this adventure is noted film photographer Robert Pohl. He shoots a rather vintage looking, but quite modern in construction, large format view camera. It’s a whole different world of photography, kinder, gentler, calmer. It’s a big beast however and it along with all the accessories and that huge wooden tripod, is one heavy and cumbersome rig. Lugging it about he must certainly question his dedication to the craft. But artists must suffer, no?

It is pure joy watching a photographer of this caliber work. God, I feel like a hack.

While the light and colours this day were pretty good, the pictures seemed to pop more when converted to black and white. We’re becoming more and more of a fan photos done this way (damn you Rob). Hope you enjoy them too.

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If you wish more information on what you’ve seen here, by all means contact us!

Date: September, 2015.
Location: Middle of Nowhere, Alberta.
This location is on private property.

1940 Ford 3/4 ton

This 1940s Ford is beaten up and clearly lead a hard life.

1940 Ford pickup

A look inside.

1961-1964 Dodge D100

A Dodge D100.

1960s Dodge D100

This is a 1961-1964 model.

1920s Model T?

A mid-1920s Model T? Boat in back.

1920s car dump

Another oldie in front – no idea the make.

1920s car window

Old farm equipment in back.

1920s farm truck

A 1920s farm truck soon to fall into the lake.

Old farm junk

All manner of old machinery and vehicles.

Old car junk yard

It’s an old car junk yard.

1920s cars

More stuff near the water.

Old 1920s truck

Not much left of this one.

Clutch and brake

Clutch and brake, in case you forget.

Photographer Robert Pohl

Master Robert Pohl shooting large format film.

Greyhound Scenic Cruiser toy

A toy Greyhound Scenic Cruiser bus (1950s).

Massey-Harris Super 27

Remains of a Massey-Harris Super 27.


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Lorraine Beard
Lorraine Beard

Like these in BW !

Russel Chandler
Russel Chandler

They’re gradually becoming part of the landscape.

Michael Williams
Michael Williams

(via Facebook)
Cool pics chris.

Simon Steffen
Simon Steffen

Very, very nice!