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Mountain Mill United

The Mountain Mill United Church is located in a gorgeous pastoral setting, a secluded wooded river valley near the foothills of southwest Alberta, close to the communities of Pincher Creek and the Crowsnest Pass. At just over a century old (built in 1906) the building is still used from time to time for services, special events and the like. A peek inside shows neat rows of chairs lined up ready to receive church-goers and a rustic pew from which to spread the good word.

From the 1870s until just before the church was built, there used to be a sawmill in the immediate area (hence the name of the place). From around 1912-1917 the Kootenay and Alberta Railway short line, serving some nearby coal mines, ran very close to the church. In fact their giant timber trestle, spanning the valley here, was almost built on top of it (old photos show it looming menacingly above). When the railway closed down, after only a short time in business, that structure was dismantled with no real evidence to show it was ever here.

We had only a brief visit with the Mountain Mill Church and we’d love to return to document it better. It’s a interesting structure in a wonderful setting and deserves more than this short little write up.

Not far away…
St Henry’s Catholic Church Twin Butte.

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Date of adventure: July, 2015.
Location: SW of Pincher Creek, AB.
The church grounds are publicly accessible.

Mountain Mill Church

Mountain Mill United Church, in the southwest corner of Alberta.

Mountain Mill United

A peek inside…

Mountain Mill United Church

Located in a lovely river valley, the building is just over a century old.


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Richard Cockerill
Richard Cockerill

Shared to Ghost Town Hunters.

Coinoath Sarsfield
Coinoath Sarsfield

Stunning. Love the big windows!

Lee Moltzahn
Lee Moltzahn

Hi! Just an a edit. My wife and I attend services here. We have an active congregation with services the 3rd Sunday of every month in the afternoon (1:30pm). We share our pastor with the United Church in Pincher Creek and Cowley.