Jan 292016
Boler spotting

When playing the Boler spotting game, the rules dictate that a player shout out “Boler!”, as loudly as possible I might add, upon seeing one. Them’s the simple rules – well, there’s points for rarity and difficulty, but we won’t go into them here. When travelling with friends, all who play, and by dumb luck all who happen to see the exact same Boler at the exact same time, well, decibel levels can really get out of hand. BOLER!!!!!! And my ears are still ringing.

This “buff” Boler (not naked, the colour) was found in Pincher Creek (July 2015), in southwest Alberta, near the Crowsnest Pass, while on an ghost town tour of the area. Once a year, a group of us get together on an organized outing, travelling about like a band of crazy marauders, in search of abandoned places and things.

Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug fibreglass travel trailer made in Canada in the 1970s and 80s. We make a fun game spotting them on road trips and our other adventures.

Reference: The Bolerama.

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Boler spotting



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