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Calgary Ramsay

Here’s another BIGDoer.com needle in a haystack challenge, where our readers send us an old photo showing a street scene with little or no accompanying information, in hopes of stumping us. We’re put the test, our goal to find the exact spot using only our sleuthing skills (and perhaps a little luck) and then shoot a “now” photo similar in composition to the first.

The “then” photo come in from friend James Tworow, and is from his father’s collection. He knows it’s from the 1950s – even if he didn’t the cars seen would have confirmed that – and that he believed it was taken in Calgary. And it turns out the latter is true. Narrowed down, it’s in the community of Ramsay. This one was easy as we recognized the location form the previous project done in the area. It’s not known who the people in the photo are.

Elements connecting the two eras include the brick structure (a former store we think) in the background left and the house seen above the lady’s head. Come summer, both would likely be completely obscured by all those trees and shrubs.

If you’d like to submit a needle in a haystack challenge photo, contact us for details. We dare you!

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Date of adventure: March, 2016.
Location: Calgary, AB.

Calgary Ramsay Neighbourhood

In the Calgary neighbourhood of Ramsay, 1950s and today.


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James Buchanan
James Buchanan

I lived on that street!

Cindy Pells Willmott Stephen
Cindy Pells Willmott Stephen

Very nice! I notice the road in the 1950s wasn’t paved.


You done good!
Once you stated it was Ramsay I saw it.