Apr 062016
Warwick AB Grain Elevator

Built in the late 1920s, the grain elevator we’ll be looking at briefly here was once found along the train tracks in the tiny community of Warwick Alberta. Today it sits in farmyard a short distance away. A former Alberta Wheat Pool facility, it still wears the old company colours proudly, the building is or was used by this farmer to store his grain (unclear on its current status). A bit beaten up, it’s incredibly photogenic, dare I say one of the best we’ve seen in fact. No small statement as we’ve come to know a lot of these buildings.

This was a brief visit. We were in the area on other projects and swung by to get a quick look at the structure. Our team is working towards coming back however so we can present a more detailed, up close and personal study of it. With fingers crosses, stay tuned, we’ll hopefully be back. We must come back!

So nice of that Boler to make an appearance. Readers should know that we’re dangerously obsessed with these little fibreglass trailers (browse the website to see) and make a game of spotting them on road trips and adventures. We’ve seen a ton of them, but this setting is a new one for us. What an amazing backdrop. It’s perfect. Bonus points for that one!

Another stunning grain elevator, in monochrome…

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Date of adventure: March, 2016.
Location: Warwick, AB.
The elevator can be easily viewed from the road.

Warwick AB Grain Elevator

This grain elevator once stood in Warwick Alberta. Boler!


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Roy Bennett
Roy Bennett

Great to see images of these wooden elevators.


Gorgeous to the max!