Apr 182016
Grand Trunk Pacific Calgary

The berms seen in the photos below are some of the last remnants of the former Grand Trunk Pacific Railway line that once lead into downtown Calgary. Built in the early 1910s, the stretch of track came in from Northern Alberta (near Edmonton), entering the city in the east, before bending back and paralleling the Bow River to reach the core. It terminated at what is the present day site of Fort Calgary (it was a fort, a railway yard and is a fort again).

Last used in the 1960s, or thereabouts (records are sketchy) most of the former line has been built upon and any traces obliterated. Where there were tracks, is now housing, pathways, green spaces and other development. Still, every now and then, bits can be found, including what we’ve shown you here. One section of roadbed sits next to a baseball field, the other in behind a condo complex. Neither looks like much, unless you know, then it’s clear and recognizable.

The Grand Trunk Pacific was folded into Canadian National Railways in the early 1920s. The current end of what was this same line ends perhaps a click or so east of the sections we found.

Another stretch of abandoned railway roadbed in Calgary…
Unfinished Railway Line Calgary.

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Date of adventure: April, 2016.
Location: Calgary, AB.

Grand Trunk Pacific Calgary

The roadbed of the former Grand Trunk Pacific line into downtown Calgary.

Calgary Grand Trunk Pacific

Another section, hard to see under all that grass.


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Lindsey Fowler
Lindsey Fowler

I live right across the road and never knew this. Great website!

Chuck Hamil
Chuck Hamil

The GTP downtown Calgary yard was pulled up around 1967 as I recall. I remember walking across the railway bridge where the Elbow met the Bow, when I lived in Inglewood as a child. It remained in place for a couple years after.