Apr 252016
Bashaw Alberta elevator

Presenting the almost perfect timeless scene: a vintage truck, former service station and an old school wood grain elevator. Taken not twenty or thirty years ago, but in 2016. One corner in Bashaw Alberta, a small community approximately in the middle of the province, founded about a hundred years ago and visited by us for mere minutes as we passed through while racing to a gig.

The truck seen is a Mercury “M Series”. Simply a rebadged Ford, this make was produced mainly for Canada and was not seen in the US. As such, they are not terribly common. This is a heavy duty model, early 1950s era, with a huge brush guard and outfitted with a backhoe.

The setting here is what appears to be an old service station being used as a garage of sorts. The gas pumps would have stood roughly where the truck is now. The old sign post adds so much to the photo.

In back is the last grain elevator in town. This one is fairly modern as wood ones go, having been built in the early 1980s. Once owned by the Alberta Wheat Pool and still in their company colours, it later belonged to the firm Agricore. Today an independent operator, Bashaw Processors, operates out of here. BIGDoer.com will be visiting this firm a little later in the years to document what they do. Stay tuned! Maybe at the same time, we’ll talk to the owner of that old truck too.

Another grain elevator in the area…
Alberta Wheat Pool Menaik.

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Date of adventure: March, 2016.
Location: Bashaw, AB.
Everything seen can be viewed from a public road.

Bashaw Alberta elevator

A timeless scene in Bashaw Alberta.


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George Stringam
George Stringam

(Via Facebook)
Looks like an F-8 ‘Big Job’ there. No doubt that backhoe would have ripped that frame apart seven ways to Sunday…