May 172016
Creepy Doll

When the day’s all bleak and dreary and the wind blown snow stings, the cold and wet insufferable, the light a sombre depressing grey, it’s sometimes hard to be motivated to explore. Sure, we’re tough and resilient. but even we have our limits. And this day we found them. Not that the subject, in this case a pair of side by side farm houses, one quite old, the other not so much, are not compelling. They are and deserve to be fully documented.

Trust me, they’re nice.

It’s just hard to get in the mood when one is beaten down by the weather. Well…I guess this is Northern Alberta. But! So rather then make a halfhearted attempt, we elect to call it a day with plans to return when conditions are not so dam soul-sucking. So we run in, snap a couple quick and dirty photos, and depart. The quickest we’ve been in and out of a place…ever!

This place also creeped us out…
Blackfoot Farmer’s Market.

Short Subjects: reports that for any number of reasons are brief in nature. They might be updates to older articles, previews of posts planned or not yet published, brief snippets of things that don’t fit in anywhere else or subjects that are so obscure that information on them can’t be found.

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Date of adventure: March, 2016.
Location: Lamont County, AB.
These houses are on private property.

Bleak Day

A bleak day exploring…

Creepy Doll

The mood already sombre, this creepy doll does nothing to elevate it.


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Rose-Marie Cameron
Rose-Marie Cameron

Haha, definitely creep-worthy.