May 172016
Moccasin Flats Gas & Confectionery

Time for a brief stop at the former Moccasin Flats Gas and Confectionery in Bellevue Alberta. It’s a place that’s been on our radar for sometime now – of course every old and empty, overgrown and boarded up building is – and while this stop was brief we fully expect to return at some point to spend more time taking it all in. It is a worthwhile subject.

We don’t know much about the operation…for now anyway. The Bellevue walking guide, the only record we could find that makes mention of it, says this:

“Originally a dairy and operated by Tony Suadino…later the site of Boutrey General Store, Maple Leaf General Store, Jo’s Maple Leaf Confectionery, and finally Moccasin Flats Gas and Confectionery”

Not much really. Not dates, nothing in depth. I guess we’ll have to dig up more when we revisit the subject. That’s what we do anyway.

The gas pumps out front are 1970s models (according to experts we spoke with). The price per litre shown is forty-nine-nine – never understood that tenth of a cent thing. You’d have to go back to around 1990, if not a bit earlier, to find prices consistently that cheap.

Let’s visit…
Deanz Garage – with

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Date of adventure: July, 2015.
Location: Bellevue, AB.
The property can be viewed from public sidewalks

Moccasin Flats Gas

At Moccasin Flats Gas and Confectionery.

Moccasin Flats Gas Bellevue

No gas today!

Moccasin Flats Bellevue


Moccasin Flats Gas & Confectionery

The place needs more attention than we could give it this day…


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Jason Sailer

A fun day! Same information I got on the building as well. May have to check the history book!