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Fishburn United Church

Fishburn United, a tiny country church found along a lonely Alberta backroad, southwest corner of the province, where the mountains and plains meet and not far from the Crowsnest Pass. Built well over a hundred years ago, it was originally a shared facility used by those of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist faiths. The local population was too small for each to have their own place of worship.

Later in the 1920s, it became a United Church, which I guess it already was, with the official joining of the Presbyterians and Methodist faiths across Canada. Not sure where the Baptists fit in after that, or maybe they continued to use the place even afterwards?

The building has clearly been updated, at least on the exterior, sometime recently. It’s still used, but perhaps not as often as it used to be. Beside the building is a fair size cemetery all tidy and well kept. When conditions allow it (not on the day of our visit – too many clouds), a wall of mountains can be seen off in the west from the church grounds.

This church!
Spaca Moskalyk Church.

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Date of adventure: July, 2015.
Location: Fishburn, AB.
The church grounds are publicly accessible.

Fishburn United Church

Fishburn United Church, on a lonely backroad SW Alberta.


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Connie Biggart
Connie Biggart

Great day hanging with friends!

Lee Moltzahn
Lee Moltzahn

The Fishburn Church to my knowledge holds 3 services a year for their small congregation and community; Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The minister from Pincher Creek usually presides at services.