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Loaf & Jug Calgary

Loaf & Jug were a small chain of corner grocery stores in Calgary Alberta. Little information is available on the firm (alternately called Loaf and Jug or sometimes Loaf ‘n’ Jug), but piecing bits and pieces together it seems that they were in business from the early 1970s to perhaps the late 1990s. They had numerous outlets across the city including this one, now a Chicken-on-the-Way (a Calgary institution, even if the L&J stores never quite obtained that status) in the community of Forest Lawn.

Other former Loaf & Jug stores still stand. This author knows of one in Ogden, another near Chinook Centre and one on 20th Ave NW. Perhaps there are more? Readers, chime in! All of the aforementioned are now being used by other businesses, but interestingly, including the one discussed here, still retain their unique vertical signage layout, including one on a tall square post set beside the building, formerly used by the stores yet carried over by the respective new owners. That was a company trademark of sorts I guess.

Presumably the firm died out due to competition from more powerful convenience store chains. Seven-Eleven and Macs come to mind. For some reason, even though the firm was around for a couple decades, and that they had many locations, few people, even long-time Calgarians, seem to remember them. Odd, it’s almost like they never existed and are just some forgotten blip in the town’s history.

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Date of adventure: June, 2016.
Location: Calgary, AB.

Loaf & Jug Calgary

A former Loaf and Jug Store in Forest Lawn Calgary.


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There are some longtime residents of Forest Lawn in this Facebook group … “you grew up in Forest Lawn if you remember”

Perhaps one of the members of that group will have some information about when it was a L&J.

Dan Overes

I moved to Calgary in September of 1990 and I have no memories of these. Of course, I had no car in those days so I didn’t get very far — if there was one between the U of C and Electric Avenue I might have had a chance of seeing one, otherwise… 🙂


i don’t know this firm, because it’s small. 🙁

Michael Svihura
Michael Svihura

There’s a good google street view from May 2009 of the Loaf and Jug, close to where I grew up near Chinook Center.


Hard to say if it was already closed by then and the signage hadn’t changed, but it’s pretty cool to see it.