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Cochrane's Railway Mitford

In 2013 we studied the former town of Mitford Alberta, located just west of present day Cochrane (links to those posts below). One of the earliest communities in the area it was established 1880s. It was also one of the first abandoned too and was completely gone by the turn of the twentieth century. Connected to the town was a small railway.

This line, known as Cochrane’s Railway (after its owner who also lend his name to the nearby town) was built in the late 1880s and once ran from the Canadian Pacific Railway connection in Mitford into the hills to the northwest. Commodities carried included logs for a sawmill, clay for a brick making operation, and coal from a small mine. Most of the line has long since been obliterated by development, but amazingly a few small sections of roadbed survive, including a spur that once served the aforementioned mine. It’s clearly visible cutting across cow pasture!

Cochrane’s Railway was one of the earliest lines in the province. It’s also one of he first to if not the first to be abandoned. It closed down by the mid-1890s. The track was narrow gauge and lightly built. Grades were steep (the section pictured sure is), so steep in fact one wonders how the firm’s one and only tiny locomotive did the job.

Little is known of the coal mine the line once served. We know where it was to within metres and that it operated for only year or two. No signs of the operation could be found. No remains, nothing, not a scrap wood or steel, not even coal slack, stuff one would expect to find here. It, like the railway, was just an obscure footnote in history.

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Date of adventure: August, 2016.
Location: Near Cochrane, AB.

Cochrane's Railway Mitford

The old roadbed from Cochrane’s Railway, Mitford Alberta.

Coal Mine Mitford

It served a coal mine, which was located somewhere here.


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Christopher J. de Vries
Christopher J. de Vries

So many small lines like this one would never be able to trace, let alone even knew ever existed.

Alok Pandey
Alok Pandey

Saw this on Cochrane’s Facebook page and have now read the entire in search of Mitford series. Great job documenting this. I live withing sight of Mitford but never even knew it existed.