Oct 312016
Ranchmen Motel Medicine Hat

Team BIGDoer has this fondness for dive motels. You might call it strange. As accommodations go, they’re low cost, which is a plus for us professional historians (yes, it’s a career) who dream of minimum wage as some sort of glorious income nirvana. We’re budget minded, we have to be, this job dictates it. But even if we had the money, and TD Canada Trust most definitely says we DON’T, you’d probably still find us staying at these kinds of places. Anything but ordinary, they’re quirky in nature with this odd endearing charm and kitschy personality that modern chain-motels totally lack.

So they’re dated and stuck in the 70s (or 60s or 50s). Maybe the neon sign is no longer as bright as it was. And it flashes and buzzes. The paint, ten or twelve layers deep, is faded and peeling exposing these strange colours of yesteryear that were once in vogue. Orange? Really? I mean REALLY? Is that (tube) tv out of focus or have I accidentally smeared Vaseline on my eyes? Is that a phone? Is that a phone book? Still haven’t found my $100 in a Gideon Bible. Kitchenettes, oh the kitchenettes. It’s all wonderful. Point: they’re interesting.

As long as they’re clean, safe and cheap, we’re in.

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Another place, another time…
Suite 16.

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Date of adventure: October, 2016.
Location: Medicine Hat, AB.

Ranchmen Motel Medicine Hat

Cheap motels are often quirky motels…


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Jason Sailer
Jason Sailer

You stayed there? Crazy! The large cowboy is a sure giveaway – how was the interiors?

Drove by it lots when I lived by the Hat….


Now I have got into the habit of looking for these places. I have mixed feelings about blaming you or thanking you.