Dec 152016
13 Foot Boler Camper

Seen here, one tiny Boler trailer found in some random back alley in Calgary. As is the case with almost every one of these finds, we stumbled across it completely by accident. Hey, is that a Boler over there? Yup! How the hell did you spot that? It’s Boler-radar of course…screeeeeeeeech, cop U-turn (all other cars be damned), excitedly jump out the car and shoot. Yes, we’re that obsessed. No mater what’s going on, no matter the circumstances, we stop and take a photo of each and every one we see.

This a 13 foot model, but most we find are. And it clearly demonstrates why we call these things “eggs”. Make mine poached, with toast, a side of bacon and big ol’ mug of joe.

The location here is the long established community of Inglewood – lots of old buildings in the area, so we tend to hang out here a fair amount. The date, October 2015, a cool and crisp fall morning. On a nearby oak, the last of its leaves, all yellow and hanging on for dear life, help to frame the subject.

This Boler is just down from…
Old barn, big city.

Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug fibreglass travel trailer made in Canada in the 1970s and 80s. We make a fun game spotting them on our road trips adventures. We also include other similar trailers here, those from other manufacturers who are close in appearance or configuration to Bolers.

Reference: (now offline).

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13 Foot Boler Camper

On a crisp fall morning…


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