Mar 212017
Some Shitty Motel Nelson BC

A rare look inside our lives…for a short time, when I was about seven or so, my “family” and I lived in Nelson BC just across from a Dairy Queen. Our home for a couple months was some flea-bag dive motel, that tiny little shack looking thing in back, over my left shoulder, second photo. Today it’s a halfway house of sorts…or something. The step-dad was a career petty criminal (have cheque book, will travel) and we often lived on the road. out of the car or crashing at cheap-ass rooming houses, the law and those he swindled always in hot pursuit.

Living near a DQ as a kid was pure torture. I’d often stare longingly across the street towards that temple of ice cream, knowing the folks only had money for booze and smokes and little else. Stand there, stare, hope, pray, scour the ground for loose change. Nothing. My dream was not a terribly big one, even a lowly cone would do, but it seemed unreachable. Hang head, shuffle back in, watch Bugs Bunny with my sister, while our fine parents drank themselves into a stupor. Yet, again.

Fast forward to the summer of 2016, we got some gigs in the Nelson area. Driving by, heads turn…the old motel…it’s still there…the Dairy Queen too! Connie, knowing the story, shouts “Stop…ICE CREAM!” “It’s been forty five years…it’s time.” Hard brake, jump out excitedly, grab a shake. Connie’s paying! I’m in heaven! That’s little me smiling, satisfied. Got my Dairy Queen. Finally!

…the best damn ice cream I ever had.

From the area…
Troup Junction.
Under Wraps.

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Date of adventure: December, 2016.
Location: Nelson, BC.

Dairy Queen Nelson BC

It took forty plus years…DQ, it’s good to see you.

Some Shitty Motel Nelson BC

A childhood “home” in back and the best damn ice cream, ever…


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Steve Boyko

Sounds like it was worth the loooong wait.

Marilyn Rose
Marilyn Rose

A sad story. To help you feel better. Happy Happy Birthday. Hope you have a most fantastic day!

Mike Lowe
Mike Lowe

With all of that happening in your young life, I find it amazing that you turned out as well as you did. Thanks for the little back story.
That must have been a standard plan for Dairy Queens back in the day. It’s identical to the one in my home town of Brandon, Manitoba. Still running from May Long to Thanksgiving. No DQ Grill and Chill for miles.

Kevin A
Kevin A

I grew up in Brandon Man. in the 70’s and 80’s and have fond memories of the DQ there. First getting my grandpa to take us there after supper, wasn’t hard to do LOL! Then when I was older in junior high at Earl Oxford my friends and I would walk to shop class at Neelin High and always make a stop at that DQ!