May 192017
Gambrel Roof Farm House

One from the archives, somehow overlooked for a time, our subject visited way back when – wow – close to a year and a half ago. This, an old farm house, a rather modest-sized one, with a gambrel (or barn style) roof, weather beaten, open the elements and long forgotten. Standing there, lonely at the edge of a field somewhere down a dusty backroad. Imagine all the memories, the good times, the hard times, the blistering cold winters, the searing sun of July.

The house is close to a century old but it’s been many, many decades since anyone called it home. Well, the pigeons have taken up residence, as they often do in these places, making a great mess of things with their droppings. An owl, camera shy, was seen circling about, helping control the population of these winged rats.

It’s a brief stop. We say our goodbyes, it’s a nice little diversion, this charming farm house, on a long and dusty road trip. Maybe one day we’ll come back to shoot it again, spending more time with it. To know it better. There’s more of story here, on that we’re certain. The owner didn’t tell us, we just know.

Our absolute most favourite abandoned farm house…
Peeling Paint and Lace Curtains.

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Date of adventure: October, 2015.
Location: Starland County, AB.
The farm house in on private property. was there with permission.

Old Farm House

Around a century old and long since lived in.

Old Farm House Interior

Falling plaster and pigeon droppings makes a mess.

Old Farm Stove

Smell the bread baking…

Forgotten Farm House

Weather beaten, missing glass.

Inside Abandoned Farm

The road calls, we have to go.

Gambrel Roof Farm House

One last parting glance…maybe we’ll be back…


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Jennie Maxwell
Jennie Maxwell

These are an awesome photos !! Thanks for sharing.

Jack H Thur
Jack H Thur

Much more room under a hip roof.