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Canada Centennial Drone View

This post should have been published last week. We meant to publish it last week. Really, honest to God we did. We started work on it, got about half way done, then something darn distracting stole us away for a couple working days. It’s only Chris & Connie holding down the fort, it’s crazy busy here and sometimes we get spread a bit thin. You know how it goes…

So here, after the fact, a few days after this country’s birthday, a post that was supposed to be published before in anticipation of that event and the build up leading to it, a look at a special “Canada” display.

Some random hillside: on display in the remote Alberta Rockies…“Happy Birthday Canada”. By Chris Doering and Connie Biggart.(BIGDoer/Synd)

On the sides of some hill, along some meandering forestry road, real remote and far from any civilization, a rock display, originally put in place to celebrate the nation’s Centennial, but recently modified to do the same for its 150th.

Better late than never, as the old saying goes. We missed it by thaaaaat much.

The location…it’s along highway #940, a gravel affair that runs north/south in the front ranges. Here, where it meets Maycroft Road, which comes in from the east, just beyond “The Gap”, not far from where the Oldman River and Racehorse Creeks join, below Thunder Mountain, is the display. On the flanks of “Fly Hill”, it’s visible from the road, if you know where to look and is situated right below a back country campsite.

Who made is not known. We called around and called around more, and while many locals were aware of it, no one seemed to really remember any details.

“It’s always been there…sorry no clue.” “Put in the summer of 1967” – but that part we sorta knew anyway. “Some hippies, I think.” So nothing solid, although everyone racked their brains as best they could.

So it remains a mystery.

Why didn’t we ask that fellow trimming the weeds around the display? You see him in the pics. At the time we had a lead on the history, which turned out to be a dead-end, unbeknownst to us I’m afraid, and we simply didn’t want to bother him. Was he the fellow who also rearranged the display? How is he connected to it otherwise? Or did he just want to do his part to spruce the place up for the big day? All good questions. No idea if they’ll ever be answered.

If you have some info on this display, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve rarely come up this short. And it’s bugging the heck out of us!

Joining us this trip were good friends Dan and Emily who are into this kind of weird stuff too – they got their own website which you can check out below. They brought their drone – a capitol idea. Short of climbing nearby peaks, how better to check out the display? Their footage is amazing. Scroll down below the photos to see the vid. You won’t regret it.

Shameless plug…be sure to check pay a visit to DanOCan.com. It’s Team BIGDoer recommended! Tell ’em Chris & Connie sent you.

Looks like hiking/scrambling legend Bob Spirko had the same idea as us and unknown to us at the time, was exploring the ridge above the display the same day of our visit. Small world. We only came for the display – he of course had to make the summit. That’s his style.

If you wish more information on what you’ve seen here, by all means contact us!

Date: June, 2017.
Location: Crowsnest Pass Area, AB.
Article references (and thanks): Dan and Emily Overes from DanOCan.com.

Canada's Centennial Display

Some random hillside, Southern Alberta…

Canada Centennial Display

A fellow up there, trimming the grass.

Canada 150th Display

A close look at some of the stones.

Flower Crownest Pass

Lots of these flowers about.

Flower Crownest Pass

Your author dropping back down.

DanOCan Drone

The DanOCan drone gets to work.

Canada Centennial Drone View

Here’s the aerial view – spectacular!

Canada's 150th Aerial

The display’s been changed recently…

Dan from DanOCan

The Dan in DanOCan.

Small Camping Trailer

Small camper distraction…

Racehorse Creek Display

The who, the when, the why…we don’t know.


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Ronald Hruby
Ronald Hruby

When they had prisoner working in the Racehorse area they did the sign, I remember watching them.

Amber Misner
Amber Misner

Neat! Love that area!!

Dan Overes
Dan Overes

Great working with you.

Randy Siegelaar
Randy Siegelaar

Kananaskis ,just south of the gap. My backyard as a kid.

Eric May
Eric May

Nice that this Centennial monument has been preserved and updated. I stumbled across this one in a reforestation area while browsing Google maps northwest of Barrie Ontario near where I live. I don’t think it will get a makeover.
It’s located at 44.597917, -79.627259.

Lundbreck Alberta Information and Events Page
Lundbreck Alberta Information and Events Page

Now that we know who spruced it up for the 150th, it would be interesting to know who originally put it there in 1967.