Jul 212017
Railways Log Car

It’s in our blood. It’s what we do. We take the “back way” when returning from adventures and we do it every darn chance we get. We have this insatiable hunger, us, this pair of restless souls with a never ending desire, a burning drive taking us to the point of insanity, to seek out new roads and discover new things. We often find hidden treasures doing it this way, the best of which we arrange to do follow up visits, and love that they come completely by chance. We always pick the way randomly, with no plans or intents. Let it come as a surprise.

Seen here, recorded on a cold blustery February day, stuff found while heading home. There’s a lonely little farm house, empty and open to the elements, forgotten, yet still standing reasonably square and tall. Then it’s trains…we seem to run into our fair share of them…arriving on the scene, we catch the tail end of one, but a few minutes later are rewarded with another, which we saw in it entirety. Might not seem like much here, but to us, each was a magical little moment. And even if almost no one reads this, we’re happy to present it.

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Short Subjects: reports that for any number of reasons are brief in nature. They might be updates to older articles, previews of posts planned or not yet published, brief snippets of things that don’t fit in anywhere else or subjects that are so obscure that information on them can’t be found. Or sometimes we just ramble on about Lord knows what.

If you need any more information on what we talked about here, by all means contact us!

Date of adventure: February, 2017.
Location: Near Calgary, AB.

Old Farm House

This old farm house on a blustery cold day.

Railways Log Car

And this passing train…

CPR Potash Train

…Minutes later another zips by.


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Steve Boyko

W00t! Train!