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Tour Train Aspen Crossing

Twilight: that most magic time at the end of the day. The sun’s last and final hurrah of the day, that warm golden glow enveloping the world, dark shadows, a deep blue, in stark contrast. It’s serene, peaceful, something damn powerful and words alone don’t seem enough. Then, add a train, a tour train taking in the Alberta Prairies. Jump on board and roll along at a leisurely pace, the gentle rocking, the soft clickity-clack. Lastly, look out over endless fields of grain in the softening light…and just loose yourself.

This is the Aspen Crossing Twilight Train and Team BIGDoer is on the scene to record a trip. Enjoy!

First the venue, Aspen Crossing, it’s about an hour’s drive southeast of Calgary. Point yourself in that direction and go. You can come here to camp – they have nice treed sites or even a caboose cabin you can rent. You can come here to dine – they have a fine kitchen inside an old rail car that serves amazing fare…we’ve eaten there often. Then there’s a garden centre, gift shop and soon an “escape room” mansion. There’s a big emphasis on trains. Many come for the trains. We did!

Twilight Train: a sunset ride across Alberta Prairies. Produced by Chris Doering and Connie Biggart. (BIGDoer/Synd/Aspen Crossing)

Trains depart much of the year (weekends mostly), outside the coldest months. Lots of different themes to keep it interesting, Twilight Train being just one. The consist is made up of vintage passenger cars from the 1940s and 1950s. Coming in from all corners of the continent, documenting their lineage could fill up a whole post (and it did, here: Train Day at Aspen Crossing. These cars have seen a lot of different owners over the years! Lots of miles on them, but still going strong.

Scroll down for photos and to comment.

A standout in the collection is the stainless steel dome car. The upper level, a coveted spot, offers up a fine view of the train and the passing countryside. Some of the best seats on the train, right here. Sit back, cold one in hand, and watch the world go by. “Did you say something?” “Sorry, was lost in the moment.”

Aspen Crossing Tickets

Tickets in hand, all aboard Aspen Crossing’s “Twilight Train” Excursion.

Many of the cars are set up for dining. Trains often include some kind of meal service tied to the theme that day. Twilight Train is more casual, food being optional.

An open air car, second from the end, is perhaps the most popular spot overall on near every run. Stand there, lean against the rail and take in the scenery. Minutes pass but it seems like seconds. The caboose offers a fine view, out the back platform, or better still from the cupola. There’s a candy store inside too. Just sayin’…

Diamond Dolly Calgary

Ms Dolly, from Calgary’s past.

Mid-way back in the consist, a former baggage car with large open doors, is quieter for those seeking a bit more solitude or some breathing room (the train can get busy).

Musicians wander about. And on this run so does a character from Calgary’s past, Diamond Dolly…let’s call her an “entrepreneur” from the city’s early days…entertaining passengers with her stories and lively conversation. A train expert is on hand to answer any questions…there’s always the questions and he’s more than happy to help.

All this action, all this interaction, all this fine scenery and the mood across the board a jovial one. Not a frown to be seen.

The conductor makes sure the schedule is kept…and watches me impatiently as I run from the back to the train at the turnaround point, leaving Connie behind, to the front (a good jog) to take up residence in the locomotive. “There’s a train to run here!” Worry we’re a nuisance. Suspect probably not, but it’s always on our mind.

I stumble in the grass, the front of the train still a long way off. Seems I’m being watch. Chuckles are heard from the open air car. The conductor looks at his watch. Snap off a quick side of the train shot, while still in motion. No haste to be made.

Powering the train is a vintage locomotive, one of two the railway has in it possession. See the following report to know more about the one we rode, #8454, dating from the early 1950s (Montreal Locomotive Works “Alco” S3) and last used to switch a large inland grain terminal, before finding new life here. This: Aspen Crossing’s new locomotive gets delivered. This is the backup locomotive when the other is getting maintenance and being smaller has to work extra hard to keep the train moving.

Our engineer, a fine fellow, is an expert at the throttle and brake. Pure magic – might be an everyday job to him, something routine, but to us it’s something amazing to watch. I (Chris, Connie’s still recording elsewhere on the train) watch in awe…and recall riding in locomotives is nothing new to this author. He makes it look no harder than driving to the corner store. Does it have a backup camera? Now I’m being silly. This fellow also runs locomotives (steamers, yet!) at Calgary’s Heritage Park.

Aspen Crossing Train Riders

Smiling faces everywhere we went.

The train follows a line that once belonged to the Canadian Pacific Railway (ex-Lomond Subdivision “grain” branch). The section used today, dating from the early 1930s, runs from a point west of Aspen Crossing, roughly where the town of Farrow once stood, (connecting CPR track there), east through Mossleigh, the only real town on the line and home to some cool grain elevators (here: Prairie Sentinels – Mossleigh Alberta), to end of track at a point just shy of Arrowwood. That town’s one and only grain elevator can be seen off there in the distance. Aspen Crossing is just west of Mossleigh, by the way.

This track was last used by the CPR in the early 2000s but left in place afterwards. Aspen’s been using it for a few years now. Given all the time it was not used, it’s in remarkably fine shape.

Trains run caboose first for half of the run, there being no turn around or run around track on the line. The caboose, when leading, is a great place to watch the track ahead. Yank the horn pull. Loud!

The line surprisingly, has some fair grades, the locomotive having to work hard in places. Open doors help with engine cooling. Old locomotives, old anything, you know, they can be a bit cranky.

The scenery passed through is far more varied than one might expect here on the plains. It’s prairie, for sure, but rolling in nature, the line meandering through fields and pasture as though with no real destination in mind. A picnic site overlooking a little valley, is a stop on the “Meals in the Field” train. The feel is very rural – a once in a while there’s a grade crossing and a farm here and there, and fields, so many fields and that’s it. Hard to believe we’re not far from the big city.

Canola was in bloom on our visit. Nice yellow background!

Just past the “cemetery”, there’s an ambush. Bandits! They’ve been running roughshod for years, robbing train after train, year after year, the law seemingly unable to stop them. Damn robbers! One of them looks a bit too familiar…like Jason Thornhill, the fellow who runs Aspen Crossing. But he said he was back at the office. Hmmm. Money collected goes to charity. Perhaps they can put some aside to buy a new truck. Heck, I’ll take up a collection for them!

There’s the old Unity Saskatchewan Train Station – it belongs to a “collector”and not Aspen Crossing but sits beside the track. It looks stunning with low sun shining upon it.

Aspen Crossing Train

Watching the world go by…

The ride last a few hours, give or take. The speed is relaxed, yet time seems to just fly by. The sun drops further, shadows stretching longer and longer. More colours, yellow, orange, red. That blazing ball in the sky. All cameras pointed that way, all folks mesmerized. It lasts but a moment, the sun’s soon below the horizon and gone. Just as the train ride ends. Twilight is a revered time for photographers – it’s often called the magic hour among those serious about cameras. It’s our favourite time, even more so than night shooting.

Aspen Crossing Tour Train

It’s easy to loose one’s self on the train…

Time to go home, but first everyone is welcome to tour of the locomotive. One last thing. One more excuse to not go home just yet. “Look, I’m driving a train.” Kids get giddy, men become kids, it’s a train thing. Once it’s in your blood…

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We hang a little longer, till the last person’s gone. On a post-ride high, soaking up the still present vibe, even with no one about, we wander the now empty train. It’s a playground all to ourselves. Some more cool photos. But we gotta go, really we have to go. Sigh, one last look, hit the highway. That was one hell of experience. And we know, looking at the smiles of those who departed the train earlier, we weren’t alone in that feeling. We’ll be back. Suspect some of those on today’s train will be too.

Next ride watch for Team BIGDoer (trademark yellow shirts), say hi, buy us a beer, pose for a photo. It’ll be fun, we’d love to meet you.

Take the train, here: Aspen Crossing on the Web
(click “things to do” for train themes and schedules).

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If you wish more information on what you’ve seen here, by all means contact us!

Date: July, 2017.
Location: Mossleigh, AB.
Article references and thanks: Aspen Crossing, Jason Thornhill, Rochelle Watt and the rest of the team there, Canadian Trackside Guides.
You can ride the Aspen Crossing Twilight Train. Look for the link above or Google it.

Aspen Crossing Train Staff

Orders are filled…

Aspen Crossing Train Views

A window on the world passing by.

Aspen Crossing Train Ride

Out the caboose door…

Tour Train Aspen Crossing

Rolling along at a leisurely pace.

Aspen Crossing Train Caboose

Good times, and candy, in the caboose.

Aspen Crossing Excursion Train

An expert on board who loves to talk trains.

Caboose Aspen Crossing

The cupola…some of the best views on the whole train.

Arrowwood AB Train

Near the turn around point – in back the tallest thing in Arrowwood Alberta.

Caboose Aspen Crossing Train

Among fields of yellow.

Aspen Crossing Passenger Train

Heading for the locomotive.

Aspen Crossing Train Conductor

The conductor keeps an eye on things…

Caboose Marker Light

Marker lights indicate the end of the train.

Aspen Crossing Locomotive

The view up front.

Aspen Crossing Train Ride

A sense of speed.

Aspen Crossing Railway

Track was once a Canadian Pacific Railway branchline.

Locomotive Aspen Crossing

The sun, low in the sky, twilight not far away.

Aspen Crossing Twilight Excursion

The open air car is a popular place.

Aspen Crossing Railroad

Fields…meet sky.

Aspen Crossing Twilight Run

At a lonely road crossing…sun rays peek out.

S3 Locomotive Aspen Crossing

The horn’s deafening.

Aspen Crossing Touring Train

As though flying…

Aspen Crossing Engine

Mother nature offers up some dramatic scenes.

Engineer Aspen Crossing Train

The train’s in capable hands.

Twilight Run Aspen Crossing

A serene rural setting.

Mossleigh Alberta Train

Rolling into metropolis, Mossleigh Alberta.

Engineer Aspen Crossing

The locomotive’s older than the person operating it.

Mossleigh Alberta Elevators

Mossleigh, home to three photogenic grain elevators.

Train Car Aspen Crossing

That special time of day just before sunset…

Aspen Crossing Train Locomotive

The lower it gets, the more magic the light.

Riding Aspen Crossing Train

Lost in thought…

Aspen Crossing Twilight Train

The ride takes several smile filled hours…

Unity Saskatchewan Train Station

This train station once stood in Unity Saskatchewan.

Alco Locomotive Bell

My office view this day.

Passenger Car Aspen Crossing

With everyone in the open air car, it’s quiet here.

Calgary Diamond Dolly

Lively banter from Diamond Dolly.

Locomotive Engineer Aspen Crossing

An expert hand at the throttle and brake.

Bandits Aspen Crossing Train

Bandits! Hmmm, don’t we know that guy?

Twilight Aspen Crossing Train

The setting sun and some darn good timing.

MLW S3 Locomotive

Open doors help cool and the bandit’s “broken” truck.

MLW S3 #8454

#8454 is a Montreal Locomotive Works “Alco” S3 switcher.

Happy People Aspen Crossing Train

Didn’t see a single frown all day.

Aspen Crossing Locomotive Ride

Doing my best to be annoying.

Aspen Crossing Train Day

Backing into the venue, the ride near an end.

Aspen Crossing Loco

Aspen’s other locomotive.

Dome Car Aspen Crossing

The train empties, happy sounds, but soon it’ll be quiet and still.

Aspen Crossing Dome Car

Alone in the dome car.

Dining Car Aspen Crossing

Ditto, the dining car.

Rail Car Aspen Crossing

The only sounds my own footsteps and the click of the camera.

Twilight Train at Aspen Crossing

The end of a great day another BIGDoer adventure behind us.

Aspen Crossing Mossleigh Alberta

In the failing light it hits us…yes, we’ll be back!


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Jill Burns
Jill Burns

When we spent a wonderful afternoon on your train, we were blown away by the beauty of the prairie landscape. We always seem to go to the mountains and forget about the beauty of the Alberta prairies and skies.

Andy Leynes Chafe
Andy Leynes Chafe

It was s nice ride we had. It’s highly recommended! Staff are so friendly. And the reenactment of good old train robbery wad so nice! Have a change ready, it’s for a good cause! Love it!

Andi Brown
Andi Brown

Oh… That would be very cool!

Kathi Zeller
Kathi Zeller

Took the “Meals in the Fields” train last week. Loved it.

Dave Stowe
Dave Stowe

That’s awesome!

Pam Katch
Pam Katch

Camped there last week, great spot.

Steve Boyko

Beautiful photos! I visited there a while ago and the train had just returned from an excursion. It’s a great train and a great site too!

Jason Paul Sailer
Jason Paul Sailer

Awesome as always guys!

Chris English
Chris English

Cool, we were on the silver dome car doing the Twilight Tour only Friday night gone I think…..

Bernard Nemeth
Bernard Nemeth

This was a week for train riding. I won a raffle for a ride in the Alberta Prairie Railways excursion to Big Valley. Did the trip yesterday for my birthday. Yes, up front in the cab and got to blow the whistle too!


Awesome! We did the Stettler to Big Valley train a couple weeks ago. I love that feeling of being in a train.

Ryan Kiedrowski
Ryan Kiedrowski

Shot an event there recently – what a cool place!
Did the train robbers get ya?

Henry Ridders
Henry Ridders

Toot toot, here comes engineer Don on track 9!! Looking good in that seat Don!! 👍

Jeff Keddy
Jeff Keddy

Is ACR using their S3 this year?

Tine Smienk
Tine Smienk

I hope to go on it soon.

Coinoath Sarsfield
Coinoath Sarsfield

One of your best posts yet! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Robert Nicks
Robert Nicks

They have quite the eclectic mix of rolling stock!

Chris Cullen
Chris Cullen

Well look at this, I was chasing that train!

Kathleen Angel
Kathleen Angel

I see you Don Wilson!

Fraser Flamond
Fraser Flamond

Always a good time on the rails, since we live 20 mins away we have done the prairie tour at least 3 times the meals in the field, wine and cheese and the train of terror but not the twilight train yet, waiting for the days to get shorter.

Mark Perry
Mark Perry

Some great people pics in your blog! Who was the conductor in the yellow shirt with the black vest?

Rod Foell
Rod Foell

You framed the engineer perfectly and caught some of his personality too. Good job. Like it!

Ken McCutcheon
Ken McCutcheon

Another out of the ballpark GrandSlam big Doer.

Toma Farestveit
Toma Farestveit

We took the train last Sunday and it was a very nice day and trip. Smoke from forest fires was thick!