Oct 302017
Prairie Egg Gathering

Here, in some random back alley, in some random Calgary neighbourhood, March of 2016, we find a Boler. A thirteen foot model, looking a little weathered and ragged. And sitting in front a dirty old toilet. Nothing more photogenic than that!.

Bolers were made in a number of factories all over Canada depending on the era. This particular one comes from Neonex in Calgary. This firm made mostly the seventeen foot models but a a few of the thirteens as well. And many (or all) of the latter carry the seventeen foot paint job (or gel-coat job), that being a tan base colour accented by orange and brown stripes at the belt line, where the two halves of the shell come together. Those ’70s colours!

Most thirteen foot models from other factories were one colour, or two toned – white on top and another for the bottom.

Neonex, who also made “mobile homes”, had a factory on 16th Avenue in town. This building still stands and for a time housed a flea market, but today is a furniture store. We’ve been meaning to go inside some day.

The owners of this Boler have been to the “Prairie Egg Gathering”, a yearly get together of Boler aficionados.

Something random to enjoy…
Industrial Park Living.

Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug fibreglass travel trailer made in Canada in the 1970s and 80s. We make a fun game spotting them on our road trips adventures. We also include other similar trailers here, those from other manufacturers who are close in appearance or configuration to Bolers.

Reference: Bolerama.org (now offline).

If you need more information, by all means contact us!

13 Foot Boler

Nothing more photogenic than an old toilet.

Neonex Boler

Made by Neonex (Calgary) and sold in the Lower Mainland of BC.

Prairie Egg Gathering

A yearly get together of Boler owners.


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