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Chris BIGDoer

Hire Chris and his associates as your genealogist, history detective or research agent.

As you can see by the “exploring history” articles written for this blog, Chris is fascinated with the past and is a real sticker for details – he digs up the real facts. As a “history detective” Chris can assist you in…

– Tracking down lost family members, friends or associates.
– Building your family tree (genealogy).
– Finding the history of a parcel of land or a business.
– Researching an object of art or anything collectible.

On-site field work is a specialty. Photo documentation is available including a professional photographer for the more involved projects.

Helping family members, authors and journalists, historical societies, the legal profession and those that are simply curious.

Email or call to see if Chris can help you track down something from your past. No obligation initial consultation.

Email Chris by clicking here.
Or call 403-246-4192 (9am-5pm Monday to Friday).

To browse the “exploring history” articles on this website, click here.

Chris BIGDoer

Chris seen on-site researching a family history.


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