Dec 182012
One eyed cat

While exploring old buildings and sites we occasionally come across stray cats. Some are quite wild and very unhappy to see us, while others like one-eye here, are very social and friendly. Clearly he’s a fighter and beside his missing eye he had battle scars all over his entire body. There is no doubt that other cats and probably dogs (and birds and mice and other small rodents) need to give him a wide berth. In spite of his rough exterior though, he seemed quite pleased to see us. In fact it was hard to get rid of him and he followed us for a while, meowing and purring the whole time.

Unlike many strays or wild cats we come across, this fellow seemed healthy, quite plump in fact, and he was very clean and well adjusted. He’s the king of strays.

If you wish more information, by all means contact us!

Date: August 2012 .
Location: Nelson BC.

One eyed cat

One-eye, the friendly tom cat.


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Leigh Grivel
Leigh Grivel

What a cutie!