May 012013
Pair of Boler trailers

Not one, not two, but SEVEN Bolers were spotted in a single day, in fact all within minutes of each other. And remarkably to see them all we covered only two city blocks! This is a personal record for us and since we started the Boler Spotting Game some years back, nothing has come close to matching the sheer quantity we’d see this day. One alley held five, and four were lined up in such a way that could get them in a single shot. It was Boler Nirvana.

Of those seen, four were the smaller 13′ models. This was the original design, instantly recognizable by its egg-shape and the one you’re most likely to spot. The other three were the less common larger and more squared 17′ model. The former is far cuter (IMO). In one image an example of each sit side by side and this allows you to clearly see the differences between each style.

It appears that a number of those seen were under some form of renovation. It’s not unusual for one of these trailers to be rebuilt many times over and they just keep going and going it seems.

The lineage of a single Boler may be hard to establish as they were built by many companies (under contract I assume) at many locations (all over Western Canada, including Calgary), sometimes concurrently. Early ones date from the late 1960s with production ending in the late 1980s – some reports say late 1970s, which must be in error. The total number made has been estimated at ten thousand or so, give or take a couple (or several) thousand. This number may never been known given the confusing production history.

Note how one of the smaller Bolers has a paint scheme matching one of the larger ones. Most of the 17′ models seem to have a tan base colour with orange and brown stripping, but I have never seen a 13′ one so painted. Interesting.

Here are the personal Boler records that fell this day….

The most Bolers in a single day – 7. Previous record was 4 (in Nelson BC).
The most 17′ Bolers in a single day – 3.
The most Bolers in the shortest period of time – approx 20 minutes from first to last sighting.
The most Bolers in the smallest area – all within two city blocks.
The most Bolers in a single photograph – 4. Previous record was 2.

This report had me thinking, what do you call a group of Bolers? A gaggle, flock, herd, swarm, or???

When rebuilt these trailers are often made up in a theme, maybe painted to match the vehicle towing it, or done up with fanciful colours and interiors, each reflecting the unique personality of its owner.

There are a number of Boler look-a-like trailers, the most common seen in Western Canada seems to be the Trillium. Others include, Scamp and Bigfoot. All are similar in overall appearance, but none seems to capture that cute factor as well as the original.

These trailers were spotted in the Calgary neighbourhood of Inglewood in April 2013.

Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug fibreglass travel trailer made in Canada in the 1970s and 80s. Very collectible and a we make a fun game spotting them on road trips.

Reference: The Bolerama.

If you wish more information on these trailers, by all means contact us!

Band of Bolers

Four Boler trailers in one scene, a new record for us. Two are at the far end of the alley and are hard to see.

Pair of Boler trailers

This shots allows you to see the differences between the original small-egg style Boler and the more squared 17′ model.

17 foot Boler trailer

This 17′ Boler was located part way between the two sets of pairs.

Two Boler trailers

These two make five in one alley. Note the old Jeep.

17' Boler trailer

Another 17′ model is found in the next alley over.

Boler trailer Calgary

The last one found – all were within two blocks of each other.


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Gail J
Gail J

We had a Boler, a 1978 I think. It was so cramped but it always accompanied us on our many adventures, so I remember it fondly. It got written off in an accident, maybe around 1986.

Maisie F
Maisie F

I think that spot the Bolers will be a game we’ll play on our road trip this summer!

Tim R
Tim R

So two of the yards had two each? Looked like a cool Jeep behind the blue one too.

Tim R
Tim R

So how many did you leave your number with an offer on?


Now that’s a lot of Bolers! We have a 78 that we are renoing this winter.