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Dodge truck emblem

I’m hanging with pro John Sharpe and our goal is to discover old farms and other interesting places to photograph. With no specific route in mind we just point the van in a direction and drive. Finding ourselves southeast of Calgary between the towns of High River and Vulcan, we end up documenting many interesting things.

One of the highlights is a stop at Deanz Garage, a charming place, a former gas and grocery stop at the crossroads of two highways. There are a number of vintage vehicles here, old cars and trucks scattered about. Perhaps they are waiting for their turn to enter the shop for some work and it’s assumed that some of these at least are due to be restored. There was no one about, and we looked, and so we shot cautiously, respecting the site, prepared to leave should we be asked.

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The garage and store were open until fairly recently, (perhaps closing in the last ten years). The building beside was the grocery store Now the site appears to be used to fix up vintage cars, Mopars in particular, a fitting use for the old building. It’s not clear how old the structure is but it looks much like the archetypical gas station and garage from the 1940s-50s.

Seen that the site are a number of very cool trucks. An old Dodge is one of them with its massive Road Warrior looking brush guard, a mean machine that appears ready to smash through anything that crosses its path. This model dates from 1939-1947.

Nearby two Fargo model A100s are seen. One is the more common van style and the other a rare pickup model. These examples could date from 1964-1970. The Fargo marque was used in Canada (and a few other countries, but NOT the US) and were otherwise a re-branded Dodge with some minor trim differences. These were sold at Plymouth dealers and overall, given modest sales due to the small population in Canada, are not terribly common. This makes them a nice rare find and real treat for us.

I can envision the van being restored to look like the Mystery Machine from the Scooby Doo cartoon series, although right now it’s done up in a hippie inspired paint job, complete with peace sign.

Also seen nearby is a 1961 Dodge Dart station wagon. This examples looks relatively complete and givens it’s nice lines, it would make for a very pleasing project car. The Dart from that era was considered an economy model, a low cost, small and efficient (for the day) conveyance with few bells and whistles. This nameplate has been recently resurrected by the Chrysler Corporation and following tradition it too is a budget minded model.

Other old bits and pieces litter the yard, cabs, frames, bodies, and who knows what else. Also seen is a what looks to be a complete 1940 Plymouth.

Keeping watch over Deanz Garage was a scraggly cat and he nonchalantly patrolled his domain, completely ignoring us (as cats often do) as he passed.

I watched John work his magic and the pictures at the bottom of this report are his (used with permission). Hopefully what I’ve leaned by observing him will sink in – he’s a pro’s pro. We had planned a trip like this for some time and hopefully it won’t be the last. It’s was great fun and a wonderful learning experience.

This trip was so productive in fact, that it will be broken into three separate reports. The link to the first is a little below.

John Sharpe’s website is called (what else)

In the one image, you can see a farm in the background, which we photographed and to see it click the link below…
Abandoned and Old Part 1 – with

To see some other old cars and vehicles we’ve encountered in our travels, go here…
Vintage vehicles found on a wonderful long weekend.

If you wish more information on these cars and trucks, or this place, by all means contact us!

Date: May, 2013.
Location: Southeast of Calgary, near Vulcan, AB.

1939-47 Dodge truck

This Dodge truck could date from 1939-47.

1940s Dodge truck

You have to love that Road Warrior-esque brush guard.

Guard cat

The guard cat patrolling the grounds.

1961 Dodge Dart wagon

A 1961 Dodge Dart wagon. Behind is one of the old farms we shot – see article for a link.

Fargo A100 pickup

This Fargo A100 pickup is a rare find.

Fargo A100 van

Another Fargo A100, this one in the more common van style.

Peace sign

Peace brother…

Deanz Garage

Deanz Garage was at one time a gas stop.

Deanz Garage Vulcan

It’s located at a highway crossroads near Vulcan Alberta.

Maltese Cross mirror

Having some fun…

The following professionally shot images, taken on this same trip, are compliments of and copyright John Sharpe of and are used with permission.

Dodge truck 1939-47

John’s take on the old Dodge truck.

Dodge truck 1940s

Nice contrast between brown and blue.

Dodge truck emblem

Rust takes over…

1961 Dodge Dart

What’s in store for this old Dodge?

Old Dodge truck

In retirement.

Fargo A100

It’d make a good mystery machine.

Fargo A100s

Let’s hope these get restored.

Vulcan Deanz Garage

Welcome to Deanz!

1940 Plymouth

A 1940s Plymouth.


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A great post, I enjoyed not only the photography but the story behind the pictures. John Sharpe is a pro, you can tell, but the pictures taken by Chris (and Connie?) are nothing to sneeze at. The composition is very well done. Keep up the good work!

Coal Man
Coal Man

Is anyone allowed to visit this place and where exactly is it located? Great photos!


Very cool, what an awesome find!

P. Leonard
P. Leonard

Drove by there in October of 2015 while visiting Vulcan with my daughter who (originally from Nfld.) currently lives in Okotoks … being a fan of vintage “Americana”, I made her stop the car so I could get out and explore a little … got some awesome pics to boot!

Hans Schoendorfer
Hans Schoendorfer

I was by there 2 months ago(July 2016). At that time there was a For Sale sign in the garage window.