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Carseland AB hotel

Here’s another in our series of Brokeback Mountain then and now reports, and in this set we see Jack and Ennis heading to a bar – a common theme throughout the movie and as the pair travel about, they visit any and every watering hole they can find. Played out in the fictional town of Signal Wyoming, they visit what is in reality the Carseland Alberta Hotel.

In this scene the characters portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal (Jask Twist) and Heath Ledger (Ennis Del Mar) have together been hired on as sheep herders. After finding employment they drop by the town’s bar to get better antiquated and what better way to do this then with liquor. Of course as we all know, this first meeting will lead to a forbidden romance between the two.

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While this part of the movie was filmed in Carseland, it was the community of Cowley Alberta that filled in for the town of Signal Wyoming in other scenes. The latter does not have a suitable hotel and bar and so for those shots a different location had to found, and when it comes to capturing that small town rough-and-tumble cowboy bar feel, the Carseland Hotel fits the bill perfectly. They even used the inside for filming.

The hotel is painted a bright blue, but for the movie the colours were toned down. Afterwards, the garish exterior was restored.

It’s not clear how old the hotel is – I’ve been told variously that it was built in 1908, 1913 or 1914. We plan on researching this further and at the same time, we’ll find out what we can about the buildings next door, which appear equally as old. Outside of those just mentioned, Carseland does not seem to have many heritage buildings left. In any case, stay tuned for further reports.

Carseland is a small village located just southeast of Calgary.

Images from the movie are copyright Focus Features.

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If you wish more information on this place, by all means contact us!

Date: June, 2013.
Location: Carseland, AB.

Brokeback Mountain Signal WY bar

Jack and Ennis go for a drink, a theme that’s used a lot in the movie.

Carseland AB hotel

The hotel in Carseland Alberta, which was used in the previous scene.


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Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

I find it funny they needed two small towns to double as Signal Wy.

Monika Andersson
Monika Andersson

Have been on the same trek as you. Carseland was a great place to visit. And the T-intersection is where Ennis was dropped off in the beginning of the movie.

Barb klaassen
Barb klaassen

We celebrated the Carseland Hotels 100th year July 15, 2015 I’m a waitress there