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Feb 232018
Sylvan Lake Stone House

Sometimes it takes us a while to get to things. Too much to do, not enough time, not nearly enough us. Anyway, here’s one from waaaaay back in late 2016. Yikes! We’re on the road and find ourselves passing through Sylvan Lake Alberta, a modest sized community west of the city of Red Deer. We’ve […]

Feb 222018
Telegraph Lines

There used to be a vast network of railway owned telegraph lines spanning the country. Where the tracks went, so went the poles and the wires. This early incarnation of the information superhighway stood alongside the rights-of-way and were a familiar scene to people back when. Look at any old train photo and I bet […]

Feb 212018
80 Years Empty

It’s a lonely forgotten place, this rural property. The ride in takes one down a long dusty backroad, then a muddy cart track all squishy and rutted up, and finally cross country through pasture and field, regular cars unlikely to survive the journey. Arrive, stand and look around. In every direction it’s a vast swath […]

Feb 162018
Roam at Night

Low light photography is a skill we struggle with. Oh, we understand the principals and all, but still have a hard time of it. To combat this we’ve been getting out, in town, and practising. We’re not worried about the composition so much, nor the subject matter, but getting the technical aspects down pat and […]

Feb 152018
Feelin' Groovy

Travelling across the west, as we do, we encounter our share of little fibreglass trailers. We might see them on the highway, in camp grounds we pass, parked here or there, at gas stations…they can turn up anytime, anywhere. Or so it seems. Here’s one, a Trillium, the most common of the Boler-like trailers, found […]

Feb 152018
Little Leaning Church

It’s old and weather beaten, locked up and unused. This sorry looking building with faded paint is home only to pigeons, their occasional cooing breaking the silence. Sure, there’s the memories of Sunday Service, the weddings the funerals. Happy occasions some, sad and tearful others. All behind it now. Today no one drops by any […]

Feb 122018
Card Whiz

Apologies dear friends and loyal readers, we’ve been away for a spell. The society suffered a major computer failure a week ago and spent pretty much the entire time since recovering and cleaning up the resultant mess. It was ugly! Reinstall this, reinstall that, pull from archives, configure, setup and tweak. Then rinse and repeat. […]

Jan 292018
Blackfoot Trailer Park

Trailer parks have a bad reputation. If we believe the stereotypes they’re home to hardened criminals with extensive rap sheets, drugged out slackers with bizarre haircuts, boozers and other undesirables. lumped together with the working poor and old folks on limited incomes. It’s one ugly, unfriendly place best given a wide berth. Ask the pizza […]

Jan 252018
Calgary’s Best Walks #12

Inspiration for this fine inner-city hike comes from the book Calgary’s Best Walks by Lori Beattie. Here we’ll be following Route #12, roughly, taking in a series of parks and hitting the pavement in number of older established neighbourhoods. The going is super easy. You don’t have to follow our route to the letter either, […]

Jan 252018
Yahk Boler

Well lookie here, right in front us of on the highway and headed in the same direction, a cute little Boler. Another added to the list. That was easy! The location is Yahk British Columbia (“We’ve bin to Yahk ‘n’ back”), right as you enter town after crossing the Moyie. Hmm, nice little bridge, but […]

Jan 232018
Forgotten Prairie

You’ve probably heard us speak of the film Forgotten Prairie. A number of posts we’ve published over the last few months have touched on it to one degree or another. Now you’ll get to see it. Finally! A production of Rueben Tschetter’s Cache Project, it’s a fine little piece about ghost towns and the people […]

Jan 222018
Nagway Inn

Each and every day it’s within view of tens of thousands of passing motorists but I bet a lot of them pay it no mind. There, along side road set back a bit from the #1A, but easily seen from it, and a mere stone’s thrown from Calgary’s City Limits stands a flat-roofed almost house […]

Jan 052018
Mike's "Fordtown" Collection

There is nothing more exciting than poking around an old metal collection. It’s doesn’t matter the size of it, or what’s inside, it’s always a magic experience. All those ancient cars, trucks and machinery or whatever to photograph, these rusted monuments of days past, formerly someone’s pride and joy or something useful, now relegated to […]

Jan 032018
Crowsnest Boler

Proof that Boler-radar, that uncanny sense, something akin to the “force” that tells one a Boler is in the area even if unseen or mostly so, is strong stuff folks. Take in this one, a Boler well set back from our position, so far a 500mm lens did little compress the space and near out […]

Jan 032018
Penguin Car Wash

At the extreme western edge of Inglewood, backing on the Elbow River, beside the tracks, and in the shadow of downtown, stands the old Penguin Car Wash. The building has been empty for a good half dozen years, give or take, a shell of a place open to the elements the only things left behind, […]

Dec 212017
Exploring Viking

We have this strange fascination with small towns. They have such character and charm. Still, it’s even deeper than that, so while we can’t quite put our finger on the deep down reasons why we do it, what ever it is draws us in like a magnet And the best way to experience that small […]