May 292017
Brokeback Mountain then and now - Twist Ranch

An old farm, forgotten, falling down, weather beaten, open to the elements, home only to pigeons, the wind and maybe unseen ghosts. It’s a sombre place, they always are, the property overgrown, the last occupants long moved away, passed on and but a memory. Without exception these two sentences pretty much summarize near every last […]

Jul 222016
Empress AB then and now

The images we’ll be viewing today were captured two decades apart. The location is Empress Alberta, the scene taking us to the old railway line that once passed by town. In the first photo, we’re witness to perhaps the last run on the soon to be abandoned branchline, an enthusiast organized “speeder” outing, and today […]

May 162016
Hillhurst United Church

Today we’ll be looking at Hillhurst United Church, a charming heritage building with amazing stained glass, wonderful woodwork, an impressive vintage pipe-organ, and a vibrant spirit. Just over a hundred years old and clearly well loved and cared for, it’s located is in an equally dynamic community of which it shares a name, across the […]

Mar 242016
Calgary Transit then and now - MacDonald Bridge

Something close to seventy years separate the two images used in this then and now. The theme, one of our favourites for this type of report, and by traffic numbers something similar with our readers, is Calgary Transit or public transit in general. The location is the historic century plus old MacDonald Bridge in […]

Feb 022016
Rowley Alberta then and now - CNR Station

For this then and now we’re in the “almost” ghost town of Rowley Alberta. Home today to a couple people at most, in the past it was a much busier and more populace place. Many of the buildings in town, long vacant, have been lovingly restored. Included in that are three impressive grain elevators, various […]

Jan 202016
Crowsnest Pass then and now – Chinook Motel

Today’s then and now subject: the oh-so-charming Chinook Motel, Sentinel Alberta, in the scenic and historic Crowsnest Pass. With Crowsnest Mountain looming overhead, we’ll look at first in the 1960s, by way of an image taken from an old postcard sent to us by a reader, and then again today. You know, to see what’s […]

Jan 052016
Crowsnest Pass then and now - Greenhill Hotel

The Greenhill Hotel can be found in Blairmore (well…West Blairmore) Alberta, in the historic Crowsnest Pass, in the southwest corner of the province. The barn-shaped structure has been around for well on ninety plus years. Once a busy watering hole for local coal miners and also accommodation for those visiting the area, today things are […]