Sep 262012
Azure grain elevator

Welcome to Azure Alberta, home to a house or two, an abandoned rail line, and a single grain elevator, the subject of this report. This structure has been privately owned for around fifty years and this accounts for it’s remarkable condition. Used during that time as a grain storage facility by a local farmer, this […]

Sep 262012
Crowsnest Boler

This Boler trailer was spotted in Coleman Alberta, in the Crowsnest Pass in May 2012. It represents one of the longer length 17′ models, which seem to be a lot less common than their shorter cousins. Out of every ten or so short ones seen, we see but a single long example. Who doesn’t love […]

Sep 252012
KTAS D08 phone rebuilt

The KTAS D08 is one of the true classics. Introduced over a hundred years ago, this phone was produced in quantity for many decades after and even today, modern facsimiles of this iconic design can be found. Made by KTAS or Kjobenhavns Telefon Aktieselska (hope I got that right) in Denmark, the design is remarkably […]

Sep 252012

Pinball! Once a year at the Calgary Pinball and Arcade show, we get to play. And we do it old school, with real pinballs, the stuff to make a serious pinhead jump with delight. The classics are all there – Williams, Bally and Gottlieb – the good stuff (and some Sterns and Data East example, […]

Sep 242012
Mount Hoffmann

May is a tough time for us. The weather is nice and in the valleys everything is green and vivid and alive. Up high where we want to go however it’s often still winter and this severely limits our options. Knowing that, but having spring fever, we elect to scout the Sheep River valley to […]

Sep 212012
Grain elevators and ghosts southeast of Calgary.

The area just southeast of Calgary has a remarkable number of grain elevators still standing and this makes it an natural attractant to us history explorers. We’ll visit a number of towns in the region, some abandoned and forgotten, some alive with small populations, all very interesting. For this trip we’ll visit (in order): Mossleigh, […]

Sep 212012
Boler in pieces

Perhaps half the Bolers we’ve seen appear in original condition, that is at least on the outside. The other half seem to have gone through some sort of rebuilding or refurbishment. Almost completely in pieces, this work in progress will likely become an example of the later sometime soon. This little Boler trailer was found […]

Sep 202012
Spectacular Buller Pass

We’ve been meaning to do the Buller Pass hike for a long time. I’ve often been told just how spectacular the destination is and let me tell you, those people were right. The trail, from start to finish, does not disappoint. The route, known officially as Buller Creek trail, takes you through lush fairy forests, […]

Sep 182012
Retlaw ghost town

The ghost town of Retlaw is situated in the dry belt region of south central Alberta and sits along the former Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Suffield Subdivision branch. Well off any major highways the place is seldom visited and is accessible only by a dusty back road. What little that is left of the town […]

Sep 182012
Western theme Boler

Rarely do we capture a Boler while on the road. Usually they quickly pass us by heading in the opposite direction, but here we are lucky and find one going the same way we are. This one has been customized with cowboys and cacti, offering up an interesting western motif. One thing we’ve noticed is […]

Sep 142012
Aldersyde then and now

Approximately forty years separate the two pictures shown and in that time the small town of Aldersyde Alberta has changed a great deal. Well, at least in the area around the railway tracks has and one would be hard pressed to say this is even the same location. But it is based upon old maps […]

Sep 122012
Traditional First Nations Bannock

Bannock did not originate with the indigenous people of North America, but it was embraced by them. It’s a simple and hearty flat bread of Scottish origins, that is super easy to make and travels well. And it’s surprisingly tasty. There are many ways to prepare it, but in this case we’ll follow a local […]

Sep 122012
Not a Boler – a Trillium

From a distance, a Boler and a Trillium look very similar and so it’s easy to confuse the two. Up close however, that changes. The Trillium is more square overall than it’s egg shaped counterpart – square shaped, squared windows, square-ish tail lights – all say Trillium. This particular one, seen in Carbon Alberta in […]

Sep 102012
Sheep River to Burns Mine part 1

The following report is a two-parter that combines some of our favourite activities, hiking and history exploring. This adventure finds us on the Sheep River Trail, a long distance route that parallels its namesake river for many dozens of kilometres. The section we followed takes us from the Junction Mountain parking lot at the end […]