Oct 242012
Coleman Collieries plant and mine

The Coleman Collieries coal processing plant can’t be missed. Clearly seen from the highway, or from nearly anywhere within town, the massive blue complex looms over a forgotten and quiet section of Coleman. Long abandoned, it’s the last of it’s kind in the area and there are rumours it will be demolished (NO!!!). With that […]

Oct 232012
Not a Boler - a pair of Trilliums

This year is a first for us and I believe we’ve documented more Trillium trailers while playing the Boler spotting game, than we have Bolers themselves. Not unusual I guess since the former has been manufactured over a longer period of time. Because they are so Boler-like however, we’ll include them here. These two were […]

Oct 222012

Potpourri is a blend of scents but it’s also a term for an interesting mixture of things, Today’s potpourri report includes short articles on an old fire truck, an even older airport, a grain elevator and a trail deep in the southeastern BC Rockies. 1) Like nearly every town in the prairies, Barons Alberta was […]

Oct 222012
Abandoned locomotive CPR's BIG Hill - 1992

The steam locomotive seen here has sat abandoned for over 100 years. Used in construction of the CPR’s famous Spiral Tunnels that bypassed the problematic “Big Hill”, when this project was completed the engine was simply left behind. Built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, this Mogul (Whyte system 2-6-0) was originally owned […]

Oct 222012
Northern Telecom WE 500 phone rebuilt

Nearly indistinguishable from its American counterpart the Northern Telecom Model 500 is by far the most common rotary telephone seen in Canada. Every household from the 1950s until the 1980s seemed to have one (all my friends parents did). And most like this one, were black. Based on the US made Western Electric model of […]

Oct 182012
The Soup

Today’s selection includes mountain vistas, coal mining remnants, old pickups and even older airplanes, along with a charming small prairie town bank. Each soup posting will showcase random pictures taken from our adventures. 1) This is the view from the Powderface Creek hiking trail looking to Nihahi Ridge, a long unbroken wall of rock situated […]

Oct 172012
Not a Boler - another Trillium

Trillium: A flower with three large leaf shaped petals and an official symbol of the province of Ontario. It’s also a cute little trailer. Trillium trailers are certainly the most common of the Boler look-alikes, but under close examination it’s very easy to determine which you are looking at. The Trillium differs in that it […]

Oct 172012
Happy Trails High River cycle

The Happy Trails pathway system in High River Alberta reaches to every corner of town and it’s a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Paved, with a few sections on the road, one can take a leisurely stroll, or a long bike ride. For my trip, I choose to do the latter. […]

Oct 162012
Old road and construction machinery Pioneer Acres Museum Irricana

One day is hardly enough time to explore the Pioneer Acres Museum in Irricana Alberta. There are many exhibits for all to enjoy, but of particular interest to guys is the extensive collection of trucks, tractors and other pieces of machinery. It’s just mind boggling how much they have, some pieces restored and some not. […]

Oct 152012
Queenstown garage

Queenstown Alberta is a forgotten place, just a mere dot on the map in the middle of nowhere. Located on a gravel back road and along an abandoned railway line, not many pass through this prairie settlement and for those who do, it just takes one blink and they’ve missed it. It’s doubtful this “almost” […]

Oct 152012
Not a Boler - a Trillium

The namesake flower on their sides is one of the most obvious spotting features of a Trillium trailer. However, there are others that can help them stand out as well, including the squarish front window. On Bolers it is more rounded. This example was being used by a vendor at a street festival in Fernie […]