Nov 282012
Bear signs and safety

We’re often asked how many bear encounters we’ve had. One would think a lot yet in spite of spending the last ten plus years in the woods the answer to this question is actually surprisingly few. We’ve seen lots of signs and do so nearly every trip, we’ve spotted bears in the distance and this […]

Nov 202012
The GMC motorhome, a cool retro camper

Produced in the 1970s yet looking thoroughly modern even today, the GMC motorhome is a much sought after vehicle by collectors. It’s smooth and pleasing lines, its functionality and innovate features make it stand out amongst its contemporaries. It’s a real head turner and futuristic in every aspect! Introduced in 1973 this is an early […]

Nov 162012
12 tips for shooting old vehicles - by

Old and abandoned farm vehicles are a magnet to photographers, professional and amateur alike. Often found at the edge of a field or by an ancient barn, they tell a story, sometimes a sad one, that begs to be explored and captured. By using these twelve useful tips anyone can ensure themselves the best results […]

Nov 092012
Doukhobors in Alberta - Anastasia Village

Doukhobors are often associated with Northern Saskatchewan or maybe the Grand Forks, Castlegar and Nelson regions of BC, but other colonies existed in Alberta, including one named Anastasia, located near the towns of Arrowwood and Shouldice. Founded in the mid 1920s the colony lasted into the 1940s before finally disbanding. Typically where these is one […]

Nov 092012

A mishmash is a jumble of things blended together into a nice mixture. The mishmash of articles includes subjects like an old steam locomotive, an evergreen that looses its needles, rock ovens used by railway construction crews and a nice little waterfall. 1) West Canadian Collieries #1 is located near downtown Blairmore in the Crowsnesst […]

Nov 092012
Shopping cart Boler

Bolers are small, they’re minuscule, they’re tiny in fact and this example is not all that much larger than the shopping cart and motorcycle that sit in front of it. This bone white Boler was seen in Calgary Alberta, in September 2011. Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug fibreglass travel trailer made in Canada in the 1970s […]

Nov 012012
Alberta Railway Museum - 1997

Visiting the Alberta Railway Museum near Edmonton is like dying and going to heaven for a train geek like me. Their collection is so extensive covering many different eras and railways and one day is hardly enough time to explore all the equipment on display. This museum is located just north of Edmonton and sits […]