Dec 242012
Dorothy Alberta, the little grain elevator in the valley

Waiting patiently for a train that will never come, the lonely little grain elevator seen here sits abandoned and unloved. It’s located in the ghost town of Dorothy, deep in the Alberta badlands east of Drumheller. Somewhat off the beaten path (so perfect for us), it’s a lonely little dot on the map. While this […]

Dec 202012
Nanton Alberta, elevators and old things

Nanton Alberta is located south of Calgary along Highway 2. Looking much like any other small prairie town, it stands out today in that it’s home to four grain elevators. Perhaps that wouldn’t be so odd some years ago, but now these prairie sentinels are pretty rare and finding even one standing is quite a […]

Dec 142012
Brown-Lowery Provincial Park

In spite of being located not terribly far from Calgary, Brown Lowery Provincial Park is still not that well known. It’s a small oasis of wilderness in amongst farms and ranches and is home to lots of wildlife and a large network of hiking trails that you can enjoy. Often coming into season early it’s […]

Dec 062012
Not a Boler - just a Trillium

Often seen from a distance, what we initially think is a Boler turns out to be Trillium – like this cold little trailer seen in a storage yard in Black Diamond Alberta. This is a more modern example from that maker, called the Trillium Outback, which has a Boler-like feature not seen on the older […]

Dec 032012
Find long lost friends or relatives or trace your family history

Hire Chris and his associates as your genealogist, history detective or research agent. As you can see by the “exploring history” articles written for this blog, Chris is fascinated with the past and is a real sticker for details – he digs up the real facts. As a “history detective” Chris can assist you in… […]

Dec 032012
Streetview Boler

Connie’s challenge to me, find a Boler trailer on Google Streetview. It’s the Boler spotting game to the extreme and after many months and countless wasted hours virtually travelling throughout southern Alberta – success!! The example seen here was seen in Longview Alberta and was visited in person on December 2012. Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug […]