Jan 292013
The tiniest Boler yet

The tiniest Boler yet! You’ve heard these trailers were cramped but this one takes that to the extreme and in fact is the smallest one we’ve seen. A rare sub-sub-sub-compact model, we caught this one pulling into a gas station. Actually…it was seen at a local train show in September 2011 and while it’s obviously […]

Jan 282013
Time lapse on a budget

If you’d like to experiment with time lapse photography but don’t want to invest a lot of money into it you might want to consider the home-brew rig described here. It’s proven, simple, dirt cheap and produces pretty respectable results. The parts needed can be purchased cheaply online, in a pawn shop or second hand […]

Jan 232013
Fort MacLeod turntable and roundhouse remains

At one time nearly every medium to large sized town had a rail yard and often located nearby or within it was a turntable and roundhouse. These were needed to turn steam engines around and as a place where they could be inspected, maintained or stored. Nowadays few of these fascinating facilities are left although […]

Jan 172013
Loading coal in Coleman

They’re loading coal trains in Coleman! Hurray, hurray, coal mining has returned to The Pass and prosperity will soon follow! They are so eager to get going that cars are already being lined up at the old Coleman Collieries plant and it won’t be long before they’re filled and headed to steel mills and power […]

Jan 162013
Studebaker, Canada’s Own Car

“Connie…is that a Studebaker?”, asking like I expected her to know. “Damn, I think it is and it’s a later one too…a 1964 or 1965 maybe.” “I’ve got to get a picture of this.” So here are and without even trying we come across a seldom seen car. Not a noteworthy one, or one that […]

Jan 092013
Biggest Piggy Bank in the World

While a sign proudly proclaims it to be The Biggest Piggy Bank in the World, instead it’s actually a small underground mining locomotive. Looking much like a miniature steam engine, this “dinky” operates under the same principles, except it actually runs on compressed air instead of steam. This makes it safe for use in the […]