Feb 222013
Farmer Jones Carz

Farmer Jones Carz was a Calgary institution for decades, a used car lot selling well worn el-cheap-o transportation and doing it with a quirky style. The lot was always brimming with old beaters and the iconic sign with its slow-witted looking chubby farmer in coveralls with a sprig of grass in his teeth was a […]

Feb 192013
More GMC Fishbowls

My recent article on the ex-Lethbridge Transit GMC Fishbowl bus had me thinking, how many of these are left in Calgary? If any? I do know the city has been operating Fishbowls up until recently, as I have seen them occasionally pass by on a busy street near us. However I had not spotted any […]

Feb 192013
Red, White and Boler

Here is the second Boler Trailer we found in the Calgary neighbourhood of Bowness. Mere minutes from the other we stumbled across (report link below) like that one this example is looking a bit haggard. It has an interesting red and white paint job, but it’s not clear if this was factory applied, or if […]

Feb 192013
Bow-ness Bow-ler Bow-nanza

Here’s our first Boler of 2013 and one of two we’d see this day, both within minutes of each other. This somewhat ragged looking example was found in February in the Calgary neighbourhood of Bowness, as was the other which will appear in a follow up report. It looks like this one is being used […]

Feb 132013
Winter hiking though a gritty urban landscape

This city hike has everything! Urban blight, a dull overcast day, gritty industrial areas, noisy highways, airways and rail yards, funny smells, neglected city parks, icy pathways and an unexpected and intense snow storm to round it all off. What more could one ask for? In winter our hiking options are severely limited and so […]

Feb 122013
The GMC Fishbowl

Here we see a ubiquitous GMC “Fishbowl” bus. If you live in a town with a transit system it’s likely you’ve seen one these, although maybe not that recently. Officially named The New Look by its maker, it seems that it’s often refereed to by it’s more endearing nickname instead. In production for an amazing […]

Feb 112013
Bridge hunting - Carmangay Alberta

When one thinks of large train bridges in Alberta or even Canada for that matter, the Lethbridge Viaduct instantly comes to mind for most. Its massive size means an equally massive notoriety and it’s clearly the most famous of its type. However scatted nearby throughout the southern half of the province are a number of […]

Feb 042013
Moto Ski

By the early 1980s the snowmobile industry was on the decline. The years prior saw a huge shakedown with maker after maker closing their doors. None the less there were still lots of models being offered by those companies who managed to tough it out, including examples from an early pioneer in the field, Quebec’s […]