Mar 282013
In search of Mitford Alberta part 1

Mitford Alberta, founded in the mid 1880s and dead by the turn of the twentieth century. Somewhat of a sad tale, it’s a story of hopes and dreams dashed. In spite of the fact it’s within sight of a large population, few have ever heard of this forgotten little town. That’s not surprising I guess […]

Mar 272013
Cochrane River Path

The town of Cochrane is just west of Calgary and like its larger neighbour is located along the Bow River. Once a quaint little village, it seems to be losing that magic as it experiences explosive growth. Where there was once charm and serenity, there is now a sprawling bedroom community with generic strip malls, […]

Mar 192013
Old barn, big city

I doubt there are many cities that can lay claim to having an old livery stable barn within such close proximity to downtown. Surprise, Calgary does and just east of city centre and within sight of its many towering skyscrapers, we see a throwback to day’s past when the main form of transportation was horse […]

Mar 152013
Carmangay Alberta

Carmangay celebrated it’s 100th birthday in 2010 and while it’s a sleepy little place now, a century ago it was a booming community full of hope and promise. The future was brighter than ever and anything was possible. Standing on main street you can close your eyes and imagine those crazy intoxicating days from a […]

Mar 082013
The Big Green Motorhome

In 2012 we found that Big Pink Trailer and in keeping with that theme 2013 brings us The Big Green Motorhome. With its dated lines and paint job, it’s the ultimate retro-mobile, a vintage house on wheels that would make the Brady’s squeal with delight. Like a Pug it’s so ugly it’s cute. I love […]

Mar 072013
Pyke railway crane

While driving through Blackie Alberta something on the rail line caught our attention. It was as a small rail crane with its two attendant railways cars and having some time to burn we stopped to take a good look at this interesting machine. It’s sitting on an old siding and is being used to collect […]