Apr 232013
CPR Selkirk locomotive 5931

One of the very last steam locomotives purchased new by the CPR, Selkirk 5931 was set aside upon retirement and now sits at entrance to Heritage Park in Calgary Alberta. This engine and her sisters were the most powerful locomotives on the entire CPR system and they could be seen holding down assignments here in […]

Apr 192013
Reading a section of rail

If you look at a section of track along a rail line, you’ll see various markings and some lettering. I am sure most people think nothing of it, after this is a pretty boring and uninteresting subject. On closer examination however, these can tell us a lot about who made the rail and when, right […]

Apr 172013
Hanna Alberta roundhouse

Hanna Alberta was once a divisional point along the CNR secondary line between Calgary and Saskatoon and because of that the location required some specific facilities for that purpose. Which is what we see here, a turntable for what else, the turning engines around and a roundhouse to service them. This type of complex would […]

Apr 162013
Crunch! Train hits van

This day in 1989 found me wandering along the riverfront in New Westminster BC. At that time the area was still mostly industrial, with gritty old dockyards and such. Even by that time however, gentrification of the area had already started and some former factory lots were being converted to condo sites. This section of […]

Apr 122013
The lonely old farm

Connie and I really like visiting abandoned farms just like any other history explorer, but at the same time we find them horribly frustrating. Not because they are in any way hard subjects to photograph, they are usually a delight, but rather there are rarely any clues to tell us what happened. What’s the story […]

Apr 082013
Brokeback Mountain then and now – getting married and drive in movie

In this, our second of hopefully many Brokeback Mountain then-and-now articles we’ll do, we take a look at two separate scenes from the movie. In the first, the characters Ennis and Alma are getting married in a quaint little church and in the second setting they are seen at the drive in movie theatre. Both […]

Apr 032013
BC Rail CRS-20 609

In 1990 I was living on the west coast and on days off (few and far between) you might find me poking around rail lines and industrial areas looking for adventure. On this day I headed to North Vancouver to check out the action at the BC Rail yards. You could always count on something […]