May 292013
Duct tape Boler

This Boler, held together in places with liberal amounts of duct tape, could perhaps use a little TLC. A 17′ model, which we have been seeing a lot of lately, it looks a little rough around the edges but is probably not that bad off. The beauty of a Boler is that are fairly easy […]

May 282013
Red Deer River valley Boler

This Boler was seen while travelling the up and down the Red Deer River Valley near Drumheller Alberta. Spotted far off the highway, it was only dumb luck (or our Boler-radar) that allowed us to catch it. I am sure we could have driven past a hundred times and not seen it sitting well back […]

May 282013
Not a Boler – a Triple E Surfside

This is only the second Triple E Surfside we’ve seen and this example was found only weeks after our first sighting. Among the “look-a-likes”, this model would only be confused with a true Boler from a distance, since it’s a little too squared in shape. Note how it’s chained up to the bin behind it. […]

May 272013
Then and now overlooking Wayne Alberta

In this then and now series we do our best to duplicate Mike Dunham-Wilkie’s well known train photographs from 1978. In the originals he shoots from a bluff overlooking the small town of Wayne Alberta and below we can see a train passing by along with the town’s two grain elevators. On our visit a […]

May 272013
Streetview Boler

The location of this Boler was submitted by a reader of this blog and this person took up my challenge to find one of these trailers using Google Streetview. Essentially, one travels around randomly on their computer using Google Streetview, until they spot one. Try to find one yourself, it’s not easy and because of […]

May 242013
Abandoned and old part 2 - with

The second instalment in this series, pro photographer John Sharpe and I continue our quest to document old farms, buildings and abandoned things southeast of Calgary. It’s been a productive trip and we contently snap away, discovering lots of gems to shoot as we go. Driving about with no particular destinations in mind, on nearly […]

May 232013
Coal mine locomotives

Calgary’s Heritage Park is a wonderful living museum with numerous exhibits and displays documenting this area’s fascinating past. There are far too many things to see in a single day so for this pass our goal was to document some of the park’s extensive collection of railway equipment. The big working engines at the park […]

May 222013
Junction Hill recon

This trip has us exploring the flanks of Junction Hill in the front ranges near the Highwood River area of Kananaskis. A reconnaissance mission, one goal we had was to see if we could gain said summit via a series of old coal exploration roads on the east side of that hill. A powerful electrical […]

May 222013
Boler on the move

This year is looking to be a great one for Boler spotting and the tally as of May 2013 is twelve seen and eleven photographed, the most recent being this example here. In contrast, last year at this time we had documented only half as many overall. This Boler is one of the larger 17′ […]

May 132013
Not a Boler - a Triple E Surfside

Until this tiny beast showed up in our neighbourhood just a few days ago, I had never heard of this Boler look-alike. It’s called the Triple E Surfside but given it’s more squared lines I thought it was a similar looking Trillium at first (the most common Boler-ish brand seen). Regardless it’s still a cute […]