Jun 282013
This old barn

Connie was scheduled to have a battery of routine tests done at the new South Heath Campus in southeast Calgary (it’s a massive building). Some of the procedures required her to take some medication which could impair her ability to drive, so of course I volunteered to be her taxi. Not wanting to hang around […]

Jun 282013
Brown bottom Boler

We were quite lucky to capture this trailer. It passed by on the highway and with only seconds to spare we were able to turn on the camera, spin around quickly to line up the shot, and get a single frame off. This brown bottom Boler was seen in the Crowsnest Pass of Alberta in […]

Jun 242013
Alberta flood watch Boler

The great floods of June 2013 will go down in history as some of the worst seen in this area. Heavy rains and snow melt in the mountains caused torrents of water to race downstream and nearly every community in Southern Alberta near a water course was effected. Like many others we were glued to […]

Jun 212013
A horse, a Trillium, and Alberta's oldest grain elevator

Sharing the field with a horse and another trailer, this little Trillium was spotted in the ghost town of Raley Alberta. What’s significant is that in the same frame is oldest grain elevator in all of Alberta , which we came to explore. The horse was kind enough to pose for us. This trailer was […]

Jun 182013
Crowsnest River walk and Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries plant

This adventure combines two favourite activities, hiking and exploring abandoned places. A short and pleasant trail meanders between the Crowsnest River and the CPR rail line taking us through woods and meadows, to the base of the historic Hillcrest-Mohawk (sometimes spelled Mowhawk) surface plant. While only a few kilometres round trip, a stroll for us, […]

Jun 182013
Hidden Boler

As is often the case we discover many Bolers completely by chance. We’ll be driving somewhere and out of the corner of our eyes we’ll see one, perhaps tucked away in an alley or in a back yard. And this is exactly what happened here and while driving around Coleman Alberta, trying to get close […]

Jun 172013
Brokeback Mountain then and now – Signal Wyoming

In the 2005 movie Brokeback Mountain, Cowley Alberta doubles for the fictional town of Signal Wyoming. It’s not surprising the producers selected the community and it does a fine job convincing us its a 1960s era small prairie town in Middle America. Many scenes were filmed there and for this report we do our best […]

Jun 172013
Superman 1978 cemetery scenes - then and now

We’ve been hoping to do this Superman then and now series for some time. In fact, we visited the site once before earlier this year but difficult conditions, driving rain, made the shoot a real challenge and the results were less then ideal. Retuning in June of 2013, things were better – the rain threatened, […]

Jun 122013
A rugged Pacific truck

Some would argue that Pacific should hold the title as the toughest all around truck ever produced. All business and with few frills they could be found hauling logs, transporting oilfield equipment, working on construction sites or in mines. The one seen here was an example of the latter, a coal hauling monster that spent […]

Jun 102013
Dark clouds Boler

A short cut through an alley turns up a pleasant surprise, a nice Boler trailer seen in someone’s back yard. A menacing storm can be seen approaching from behind and soon it’d be raining – hard! This one was seen in June 2013, in Coleman Alberta in the historic Crowsnest Pass. Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug […]

Jun 102013
Storage lot Boler

Most owners choose to store their Bolers on their own property. These trailers are small and fit nearly anywhere and so you’ll see them in back yards, in alleys and on driveways. For those who don’t have the space, keeping them at a commercial storage lot is sometimes the only option and the one we […]

Jun 052013
Stirling Mine - Commander Mine - Nacmine Alberta

Abandoned in the 1950s, many old and decrepit coal cars can be seen scattered about the forgotten Commander Mine site (earlier the Stirling Mine) near Nacmine Alberta. Exposed to the elements, rot and rust are slowly taking over. Tossed aside when the mine closed, they fittingly sit atop the old slack dump resting on waste […]