Jul 302013
Kananaskis is a mess!

Here are some pictures from our attempt on Wind Ridge. It’s a hike in Kananaskis I’ve been looking forward to for some time, but we missed our mark when an errant turn sent us astray. No big deal and we’ve gotten off track before and will likely do so again – it’s the nature of […]

Jul 292013
Fix a flat in no time flat

Chances are at one time or another you’ll get a flat while out biking. They always happen when you least expect it and they can be a real inconvenience. In this post we’ll show you how to repair the puncture and be on your way in a matter of minutes. Under five minutes in most […]

Jul 262013

I am afraid time has blurred some of details of this event. It’s 1989 and I am living in the lower mainland and I recall finding out an Air France Concorde jet was due to land at Vancouver International Airport. We had to see that! By then it was a twenty year old design, but […]

Jul 232013
Canola field Boler

Another chance find, this Boler was spotted in July 2013, at the edge of a canola field as we biked the canal pathway that runs between Calgary and Chestermere. Located on the far side of a large property, obscured by a residence and no where near a public road, this little trailer could only be […]

Jul 222013
Carry Ridge

With temperatures expected to be in the high 20s – the low 30s if you take into account the humidex – Connie and I felt it best not to tackle anything terribly strenuous. Neither of us handle heat well and so we picked an easy hike, something with not too much elevation gain or distance. […]

Jul 162013
Big Hill Springs Park

A little oasis of green on the rolling prairies, Big Hill Springs Provincial Park is a fun place to explore. There is a natural spring, old creamery remains, wildlife and a short but pleasant hiking trail that takes you past it all, and up to the valley ridge above. Located less than 10km north of […]

Jul 052013
Abandoned CPR Bow River bridge part 2

In part two of this report we look at the CPR’s Cecil Alberta bridge as it appeared way back in 1947. That spring heavy ice build up in the Bow River caused sections of the high structure to shift, buckle and tumble into the waters below. Pictures submitted by our readers document both the resultant […]

Jul 052013
Farmer's field Boler

Languishing in a farmer’s field with a number of other trailers and boats, this little grey egg was found while we were out exploring random back roads and highways on the plains just east of Calgary. A large crack appears above the door and it looks like some repairs, rather rough looking ones at that, […]

Jul 032013
Back to Brown Lowery

Recent flooding in the region had us scrambling for a place a hike. Most of Kananaskis was off limits or inaccessible due to heavy damage from that event, leaving very few options open. With that in mind, Brown Lowery Provincial Park seemed like a good objective, a place we’ve been many times and have always […]