Aug 262013
Jura Creek

This wonderful hike follows the often dry Jura Creek though a deep slot canyon, cascading pools, gravel flats and boulder fields to an interesting and significant geological formation. Along the way, you can also expect to find fossils. This is not a strenuous hike, and in fact we picked it because we wanted something fairly […]

Aug 262013
Saskatoon Farm

Some days we just like to take it easy. Rather than climbing a mountain, hiking to a beautiful lake, or exploring abandoned places, we decided to do something a little more pedestrian. This day we wanted to go berry picking, Saskatoon Berry picking, and the best place to do that is at the (where else), […]

Aug 232013
Stoney Trail, a hellish journey

Stoney Trail in Kananaskis is a good choice for those who crave a nice, easy mountain bike ride – fun, nothing hardcore or overly taxing. Even though the route follows a power line right of way, it’s still pretty scenic. There are no major hills to worry about and normally it’s simply a pleasant outing. […]

Aug 212013
Prairie Sentinels – Three Hills Alberta

Three Hills Alberta has two standing grain elevators, a massive ex-Alberta Wheat Pool and an ancient ex-Parrish and Heimbecker. Standing directly across from each other, these two create a grain elevator canyon with the CNR’s north/south Alberta mainline passing right through the middle. Of the two, the AWP is in private hands and so its […]

Aug 202013
Collapsed Bonnybrook train bridge - two months later

Just over two months ago many parts of Southern Alberta were under water. Unusually heavy rains, combined with melting snow pack in the mountains caused widespread flooding and many people were affected. The Bow River in Calgary, normally a pretty pristine and otherwise fairly calm river burst its bank in places, making a mess of […]

Aug 202013
Bridge hunting – Swalwell Alberta

If you’ve driven highway 575 heading eastbound between Acme and Carbon, you have no doubt spotted the large train bridge spanning a deep and wide valley off to your right, at a point roughly halfway between those towns. This is the CNR’s Swalwell Bridge, a large concrete and steel structure that supports the railways north/south […]

Aug 192013
Prairie Sentinels – Trochu Alberta

Like almost every other town on the Canadian Prairies, Trochu Alberta was once home to many grain elevators. Today, all that left is a single survivor, a massive structure that looms over the half-vacant downtown core. Looking ready to load a line of rail cars it’s been many years since that’s happened. These structures were […]

Aug 192013
The Bolers are coming to us

They’re coming to us! In the past, we had to go looking for Bolers, searching high and low and then searching some more. Now they find, like this trailer spotted from our front door. How easy was that? This one was seen in August 2013 in Calgary AB. Boler: A small cute-as-a-bug fibreglass travel trailer […]

Aug 162013
Sheerness - Rose Lynn - Sunnynook - Carolside

The four towns that are the subject of this report, Sheerness, Rose Lynn, Sunnynook and Carolside, are located in a remote corner of Alberta, far off any beaten path. Each lasted only a short while and in fact there is little to see today, but even so they still left their mark on the world, […]

Aug 152013
Sundre Bolers

Outside of gatherings or conventions, finding two Boler Trailers together is pretty rare. This miss-matched pair was found in Sundre Alberta and being side by side it allows us to compare differences between the two sizes made. The left one is the smaller but more common egg-like 13′ model. Its neighbour is the larger 17′ […]

Aug 142013
Vintage vehicles found on a wonderful long weekend

Anyone who reads this blog knows we seem to have great luck finding rare, old or interesting trucks, cars and vehicles. This trip, on the Heritage Day long weekend, was no exception. We found ourselves in the Hanna area in eastern Alberta doing some field research, and this work had us travelling down a number […]

Aug 132013
Hitched up Boler

This could be a banner year for Boler spotting and while out walking in our own neighbourhood we find another of these little trailers. We’re approaching three dozen seen in 2013, this one in August. It’s hitched up to a car looking like it’s ready to go on a long road trip, destination somewhere fun. […]

Aug 132013
The Seymour and New National have served their last drinks

Sure, these two “first class” establishments, the Seymour and the New National in Hanna Alberta, are called hotels but for the last few decades they mostly catered to the drinking crowd. You know, bums, rub-a-dubs and winos. After all, it’s booze where the money is at, although the rooms above may have at times been […]

Aug 122013
The Mink Ranch

This old farm is a particularity photogenic one, discovered in an arid and remote corner of Alberta, along a forgotten highway. What makes this find even more interesting is that using our detective skills, we were able to dig up information on who lived there – amazing! Unlike most farms, whose former occupants are anonymous, […]

Aug 122013
Sunalta Boler

Here’s another Boler trailer found completely by chance. Driving up Crowchild Trail, this one was spotted from that road, sitting in an alley that it borders on. It was seen in August 2013 in the Calgary neighbourhood of Sunalta. The tally for this year, including this trailer is thirty three spotted with over twenty of […]