Oct 312013
CPR Bassano Station

The subject of this report is the massive CPR Bassano train station, moved from its namesake town to Beiseker for eventual display at the Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum. It currently sits, boarded up and in rough shape, not far from the foundation which it is to eventually to be placed upon. Work on the […]

Oct 252013
Big Valley Boler

Here’s Boler #47 for the year – this one was posted out of order and we have already found #48 and #49. It’s the larger 17′ models and was found on the prairies near the picturesque town of Big Valley Alberta, in September 2013. Spotted by chance, as it often the case it seems, had […]

Oct 242013
Big Valley Alberta CNoR roundhouse

The charming town of Big Valley is like Disneyland for the history buff. There are so many things to explore including a traditional wooden grain elevator, a picturesque Canadian Northern railway station, lots of old and interesting buildings, including the lovely (and blue) St. Edmund’s church on a hill overlooking town. Finally, there are remains […]

Oct 212013
High Noon Hills

The High Noon Hills hiking trail is short, easy and quite pleasant. The trail follows a low undulating ridge through lovely meadows and forests, to a nice viewpoint on a grassy bluff overlooking the Long Prairie Creek valley. Located not far from the Kananaskis Country boundary, it’s one the first trails available to the hiker. […]

Oct 182013
Old trucks and vehicles – October

While travelling about we’ll often discover old and interesting vehicles hidden away in fields, back lots and industrial properties. We rarely search them out and stumble across most by accident. Often we’ll be heading to a neat historical site, or a scenic hiking trail, and in the process come away with some unexpected, but always […]

Oct 162013
CPR's Big Hill revisted

The CPR’s famous Spiral Tunnels were an important and costly project that allowed the railway to finally abandon its troublesome Big Hill. The latter was a steep and dangerous stretch of track and was a major bottleneck. The new bypass helped alleviate, but not totally solve, the congestion issues the railway faced – even the […]

Oct 152013
Prairie Sentinels – Big Valley Alberta

The picturesque village of Big Valley Alberta is rich in history – railway history in particular. There is a beautifully restored train station, remains of a once busy railway divisional point with roundhouse, and the subject of this report, an iconic wooden grain elevator that for decades loaded rail cars. All structures mentioned are is […]

Oct 092013
Field BC Bolers

We spotted not one but two Boler trailers in the quaint mountain village of Field BC. Just blocks apart (the town is only a few blocks square), both are the less common and less cute (IMO) 17 foot models. While you’ll often see the original 13 foot Boler in a variety of factory colour schemes, […]

Oct 082013
Not a Boler – a Scamp

Small, egg-shaped and of course, cute as a button, one has to see the Scamp logo on this lightweight fibreglass trailer to confirm in fact that it’s not a Boler. Of all the Boler look-a-likes we’ve seen, this one stands out as the most similar in appearance – it’s like they copied the older Boler […]