Nov 222013

It’s been a banner year for Boler spotting, and this example, found at a Calgary RV repair business in November is the fifty first one we’ve seen in 2013. I am not sure why this year has been more productive than any other – it’s been decades since Bolers have been made and one would […]

Nov 192013
Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions train Big Valley Alberta

The Alberta Prairie Railway Excursion tourist trains makes regular stops in Big Valley Alberta, a lovely and picturesque town with an historic ex-CNoR train station. This century old building welcomes those visiting no matter how they get here. We came by car but wished it we arrived by train instead. There are a lot of […]

Nov 192013
Not a Boler – a Trillium

Of all the look-a-likes out there, the Trillium trailer, similar looking to a Boler but more squared in shape, is the one you’ll most likely see more than any other. This make has been in production for decades now, little changed, and by sheer numbers alone is probably the most popular of the little egg-ish […]

Nov 142013
CPR Calgary train station

The subject of this report is a fine reproduction building based on the circa 1893-1911 CPR train station that once stood in downtown Calgary. Located at the entrance to Heritage Park, this picturesque replica depot is made from local sandstone and greets those entering the facility. Interestingly, the old structure on which this one is […]

Nov 122013
Bow City townsite - with

This adventure has us joining author Jonathan Koch from Together we’ll explore the field that was once the site of Bow City Alberta, “The City of Natural Resources”, a town which existed for only short moment in time. Also accompanying us, as our guide, is Leo Smith, a long time resident in the area, […]

Nov 082013
They Live! Calgary Transit GMC Fishbowls in 2013

How many transit systems can say there have an active fleet of GMC Fishbowl buses? Not many! Most cities have retired these venerable workhorses and outside of a couple stragglers here and there, Calgary’s remaining examples comprise the largest fleet in service anywhere. They live! All the buses we see here represent the very last […]

Nov 052013
St. Edmund's Church Big Valley Alberta

The quaint little village of Big Valley Alberta is great place to visit if you like historical structures. Among the buildings worth exploring are a traditional wooden grain elevator, roundhouse remains, a lovely train station, and a unique little place of worship located on a small hill overlooking town. It’s the “Blue Church”, or the […]

Nov 042013
Back alley Boler

This Boler trailer, a 17′ model, represents a major milestone for us and with its sighting we have broken our record for the most spotted in a single year. This is #50, a magical number, and given there are almost two months left in the year, this record can be expected to grow. In the […]