Jan 302014
Calgary Transit then and now – trolley buses and Devenish Apartments

In this Calgary Transit then and now, we see two vintage scenes showing trolley buses near 17th Avenue and 8th St SW and we visit those locations to see how things looks today. For both dates, a prominent brick building can be seen in behind, which helps establish a connection between the two eras. Luckily, […]

Jan 302014
Brokeback Mountain then and now - Elks Lodge and Ennis' Apartment

The two Brokeback Mountain scenes shown in this report, that we will try to duplicate, were filmed in Fort MacLeod in southern Alberta. We see Ennis driving a truck, round a corner and then pull into his driveway. Two simple scenes shot from the same position, separated by only seconds. Playing their part in the […]

Jan 212014
Not a Boler - a Beachcomber

In this report we look at a cute little trailer called a Beachcomber, the first one of this type we’ve ever seen. While it has a lot of Boler-like features (small size, fibreglass construction) its squared shape means it will never be confused with the other. In spite of that, we’ll include it here. Only […]

Jan 142014
Bridge hunting – CPR Bow River (Nose Creek) Calgary

The massive train bridge seen here carries the CPR’s north/south mainline over the Bow River in Calgary, just east of downtown. Located next to Nose Creek and just up from Harvie Passage, a kayakers paradise, the bridge has stood here for what must be close to a century. The structure is built to the Pratt […]

Jan 132014
Lynnview Ridge

Built in the early 1980s, incredibly atop land that was once a dirty old oil refinery, the former community of Lynnview Ridge was demolished some ten years ago out of fears of soil contamination within the area. The big question on everyone’s mind is why would they build on what is a clearly polluted land […]

Jan 092014
The dome buildings and an ancient boxcar

While travelling random back roads we always seem to stumble across something interesting – old farms, machinery, all kinds of left over and abandoned stuff – it’s amazing what we find. An example of a very cool and rather strange discovery, happened upon totally by accident (as is often the case), are the two dome […]

Jan 062014
The little yellow locomotive

Known affectionately (to us anyway) as the “little yellow locomotive”, this tiny engine sits on a disused siding at the abandoned Coleman Collieries coal processing plant in the Crowsnest Pass. It once worked at this very site and when the operation closed, it was simply left behind and forgotten. Looking forlorn, its future, like the […]

Jan 022014
Prairie Sentinels – Fort MacLeod Alberta

Where there were once thousands of wooden grain elevators across the Canadian Prairies, now there are few. For this report we take a look at one of the latter, the last traditional “prairie sentinel” still standing in the southern Alberta community of Fort MacLeod. We visit it on a gloomy day, fitting since the subject […]

Jan 022014
New Years Day Boler

This little Boler trailer was seen on the first day 2014 and so becomes our first sighting of the year. We’re off to a good start! It was found completely by chance. as it often the case, just outside the small community of Lundbreck at the entrance to the historic Crowsnest Pass. Had we not […]