Feb 242014
St Paul's and St Pat's

Built in 1885 and 1904 respectively, St Paul’s and St Patrick’s are some of the oldest churches in Calgary, and some of the oldest buildings in town period. When constructed they were not even with the city limits, not even close, and were located in the independent community of Midnapore. Sitting beside and easily visible […]

Feb 202014
MCI Classic

The transit buses that are the subject of this report are known as “Classics”. The ones seen here were built in the early 1990s and are the oldest such vehicles currently on the Calgary Transit roster. These old warriors will likely continue to serve for some time however, even in spite of new bus deliveries. […]

Feb 182014
Not a Boler – a Trillium Jubilee

This Trillium Trailer was spotted parked in the storage yard of a large trucking firm. This brand is by far the most common of the Boler-like trailers and confusing one with the other is an easy mistake, especially if seen from a distance. This example however is the square-shaped Jubilee model and except for its […]

Feb 102014
Coleman Collieries plant (part 2)…going…going…

In part two of this report on the Coleman Collieries processing plant, we discuss the loss of the historic loadout complex and what might be in store for the rest of the buildings left standing at the site. They are, supposedly, recognized as historically significant, but it appears that might not be enough to save […]

Feb 072014
Coleman Collieries plant (part 1)...going...going...

I’ve been holding off writing this article for well over a month. I just wasn’t ready, I was not prepared. Thinking about the subject made me upset and writing about it would only make things worse. They did it and I’m set aback. What were they thinking? Why did it happen? Does anybody care? For […]

Feb 032014
Blairmore then and now - Sleepee Teepee Motel

In operation from the 1950s until the mid 1980s, the Sleepee Teepee Motel in Blairmore was a local landmark. Kitschy to the extreme, it was made up to look like a western fort with a First Nation’s encampment out front. With battlements, a chuckwagon office, those brightly painted conical-shaped tipi rooms, it was a head […]