Mar 262014
Deutsch-Canadier (Eastern) Block

It appears that time is running out for the 100 year old Deutsch-Canadier (aka Eastern) Block located on busy MacLeod Trail near downtown Calgary. Neglected and showing its age, the building has been boarded up recently and its future is uncertain. I have been told it may be slated for demolition and signs posted on […]

Mar 242014
Calgary Transit then and now - The Bay

It’s 1971 and we’re in downtown Calgary. Parked in front of the massive Hudson Bay Company outlet are a couple transit buses, including one trolley coach. I wonder what things there look like today? Well, let’s return to the location of the original photo and see. The HBC or “Bay” department store, an impressive structure […]

Mar 142014
Dirty Bolers

These two dirty, dusty Boler trailers were found south of Calgary in the small town of Nanton Alberta. They could use a good scrub and I predict a car wash is in their future. This was good day for Boler spotting and we saw four within a span of hours, including these two two-toned examples […]

Mar 132014
Nine Houses

Out of the blue, Connie asked me one day, “How many houses do you think are left in downtown Calgary?” A good question…and with that a seed was planted. For days on end, I thought about it and thought about it some more. I vaguely recall seeing some…I think…at least three or four, maybe more. […]

Mar 122014
Claresholm Boler #2

Our third Boler for 2014, this example was spotted in Claresholm Alberta in March. This is the less common 17 foot model, the largest made, which (IMO) is not as cute as its 13 foot brethren. This bigger model is just…well…too square and lacks that trademark egg shape. This would be one of four Bolers […]

Mar 102014
Claresholm Boler #1

This Boler soaks up the sun in Claresholm Alberta. It was a gorgeous afternoon, the first warm and snow free day that we’ve seen in months and we relished the chance to get out and explore. Finding ourselves south of Calgary, we simply walked around this town to see what we could find that would […]

Mar 042014
Another bowl of soup

Soup is a wonderful mix of ingredients brought together to make a tasty concoction. These similarly named posts are much the same, a fusion of pictures and experiences selected from our huge and varied pantry. For this “bowl of goodness” we’ll look at some old lime kilns, an International L series truck, a flood damaged […]

Mar 032014
Not a Boler – a Trillium

This rough looking Trillium was found in a back alley in Calgary Alberta. It’s being worked on and appears to have some home-done modifications – the windows for one are different. In my opinion they still have a long way to go before it’s in proper shape. This “beauty” was spotted in December 2013. Note […]