Apr 292014

Boxcars: the rolling of two sixes in a dice game, specifically craps, or it could refer to an enclosed railway car used to carry general freight. When retired from service the latter are sometimes sold to be used as sheds and the like. Farmers are known for their thrift and they often would buy these […]

Apr 252014
Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum - what's going on?

What the heck is going on at the Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum in Beiseker Alberta? Their website is gone and the grounds appear as though abandoned. The old train station, what was to be the organization’s centrepiece, sits on blocks, as it has for a couple years now. In front is the foundation that […]

Apr 222014
Okotoks pathways - Sheep River Valley loop

For this urban hike we’ll follow a series of pathways in the community of Okotoks, just south of Calgary. Our chosen route was roughly 8km long and encompassed a loop with a little out and back at the beginning and end. Always paralleling the Sheep River, the pathway is paved although some sections have been […]

Apr 212014
Brentwood Boler

This year, in respects to Boler spotting, has started off slow. The trailer seen here, found in the Calgary community of Brentwood in April, is the seventh we’ve documented in 2014. Of course, once the warmer weather arrives, we’ll likely see a lot more of them as they and their owners come out of hibernation. […]

Apr 142014
Tarped Trillium

The Trillium is the most common of the Boler-like trailers. We see them quite often and in fact they are more likely to be encountered than a Boler itself and while the later has not been made for decades, the Trillium is still in production to this day. Included in our tally is this tarped-up […]

Apr 102014
Calgary Transit then and now - old Shouldice Bridge - John Hextall Bridge

About a hundred years separate the two images seen in this report. Both show the old Shouldice Bridge (now the John Hextall Bridge) in the community of Bowness in western Calgary. In the first picture, a tram, with two proud crewmen posing for the camera, can be seen in front of the structure. In the […]

Apr 092014
Glenmore Reservoir loop

Join us for this urban hike where we circle the Glenmore Reservoir. It’s an approximately 16km loop, a path with many personalities. We’ll travel through dense wooded areas and pleasant green spaces. We’ll at times be on roads or beside roads (one very busy and noisy) and we’ll pass by businesses, a living history museum […]

Apr 072014
Lakeview Boler

This lily white Boler was seen peeking out behind some shrubs and a house and was found in the southwest Calgary community of Lakeview near north Glenmore Park. This one is the sixth we’ve spotted this year but with the coming of spring we are sure to see many more in the near future. Last […]